Men's eau de toilette: the best flavors

No matter where you are going: to the office or on the football with his friends, on a date or just to go shopping.From you should always smell nice.Therefore, men's eau de toilette - this is the thing without which you will not be able to do.

But what flavor is best suited for your particular case, and how to pick it up?What to do in order to always remembers your scent around and was about you a good impression.There are a number of flavors that would be appropriate in any situation and will emphasize your individuality.


Men's perfume "Chanel" represents the image of a confident, strong man who is not afraid to show their feelings and emotions.Perfume "Selfish" is the best male floral aroma with notes of geranium and marigold.

A composition of a tree and fern elements toilet water "Allure Hom Sport '- a rush of adrenalin and desire to achieve new victories.This is the perfect men's toilet water, which will make you very sexy and confident.


Aroma "Le pairs Wilde edishn Paur

Home" would be a good choice for young people, adventurous.Its spicy, woody and aromatic notes make your way very fresh and interesting.This smell will always captivate you new perspectives and opportunities.


Men's eau de toilette "Fahrenheit Aqua" is designed specifically for the strong and courageous people, who all used to reach maximum height.Wood and floral shades combined with musky aroma make the image any man vivid and memorable.

Another perfume from the brand "Eau Sauvage Extreme", by contrast, has a citrus smell with a spicy wood notes, creates an image of a successful man, confident and benefit from the best of life.


"Aqua Di Gio Pour Hom" - men's eau de toilette, which is a great summer scent.Its constituent marine chords, rosemary, amber and nasturtium embody freshness and confidence.A jasmine, mandarin and patchouli heart of the fragrance components make it incredibly attractive.

Perfume "Armani Code Sport" contains a tree and fern notes.It is an unforgettable smell, thanks to which all eyes will be on those around you.This is a very original and interesting option for those who want to look strong and confident.


Aromas of this brand is very suitable for modern young people."Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Rouge" represents the youth and strength and indomitable passion and thirst for adventure.And the smell of eau de toilette "Challenge REFRESH" will complement the original image of a confident young man.

"Lacoste pour Homme" - a bright and fresh image, which is achieved by using in the composition grapefruit, plum and apple combined with notes of Italian bergamot.Shades of sandalwood, vanilla and rum added this aroma of masculinity and sexuality, and very vigorously.

All this perfume is perfect to emphasize your image.Still, the best men's perfume - it's the smell that like for you and anyone else.Only the aroma, with which you will merge into one, which will not annoy you at the same time will not go unnoticed, can rightly be called the best, so the choice is yours.