Shea Butter Hair and body

Masks for hair cosmetic oils are very effective for dry, porous, damaged hair.This therapy significantly improves the condition of hair.The oils have a beneficial effect on the scalp, strengthens hair roots, promote their growth, return the brilliance curls.If vegetable oil is added to the still essential that promote better penetration of the components into the skin, the efficiency increases significantly.The most popular of these is Shi.We can say that this is the best oil for hair!This product is the fruit of the seeds of the African tree known for its healing properties.The second of its name - Shea, on African soil it grows in 19 countries and is very much appreciated.Locals use shea butter for hair and as a means of regenerating the skin.Mother Baby African continent treated them the umbilical cord and make a vigorous massage.The composition of the oil - vegetable fatty acids, fats and vitamins unsaponifiables.It activates the production of collagen, which is essential for beauty and youthful sk

in.Get this valuable product by a long cooking pre-roasted and pounded nuts.Then, the resultant substance is scraped out of the vessel and cooled.Used product citizens of the African continent for many centuries.
harvesting and processing fruit - a kind of ritual, which involved only women.It Africans discovered anti-aging properties of the oil.In countries with hot climates, shea butter for hair - this is the only escape from the scorching sun.Its protective properties against UV radiation allowed many cosmetic companies to produce products with a natural SPF-filters.

Before you buy this stuff on our continent, it is necessary to make sure that it is natural, without additives or preservatives.How to use shea butter for hair?It is advisable to apply to the scalp and massaging, and then spread over the entire length.Sebum does not prevent the penetration of nutrients into the hair roots, so the oil is used before washing.Shea mix with other oils: jojoba, coconut, cacao, macadamia.

Shea (ratings prove it) makes your locks shiny, silky, easy to comb it after use.For very damaged and dry hair slightly heated mixture of oils should be applied to the entire length of the braid hair in a braid, wrap in a towel and leave overnight.Pending the results of the procedure is performed several times a week before each wash, then worth shopping to their state and to adjust the frequency of the procedure, not to oversaturate the roots.

Regular use of such masks restore and improve the appearance of hair.The beneficial effects of it on the roots helps strengthen them, active growth.Such hair care - beautiful makeup of the scalp and hair follicles.Use shea butter for hair and skin is not occasionally, but regularly.Through this relatively simple procedure at home, you ensure that your hair and skin will be gorgeous.The results will be the first application.