Painting "Loreal" love your hair, and hair like her

seeking funds for the first in his life painting the hair or coloring the procedure has long been a regular ritual for your beauty?Particularly it does not matter when it comes to choosing a hair dye.Much more important than the characteristics of the product itself, and is the clear leader was the paint, "L'Oreal", combines many positive qualities.

«L'Oreal" confirms: the French know a lot about beauty

A few words should be said about the brand itself, but it has something to boast.The French company "L'Oreal" more than a hundred years, has a strong position in the global cosmetics market, successfully selling at least 120 countries.She produces cosmetics and care for your hands, face, body.This clearly stands out among the other products of the paint, "L'Oreal", gave the beauty of the hair of millions of people.

company "L'Oreal" offers a wide range of colors of various shades, as well as tools for hair care.Using innovative technology allows us to offer consumers new, improved products for

coloring with different properties and effects.

Sustainable Beauty hair "Loreal Preference»

In line tools can be identified resistant paint, loved by many women.This hair dye "L'Oreal Preference", providing lasting effect for a long time - up to two months.It is achieved by improved coloring molecules are large.They penetrate deeply into the structure of hair and held it for much longer than usual.And keep the softness and smoothness of the head of hair after painting to help special balm, which is not enough for one application.

color palette "Loreal Preference" is rich and is divided into two groups - the bright, saturated colors (Palette "Feria"), seven colors and more natural colors ("Recital") - 25 shades.

«L'Oreal Casting Creme Gloss" - gentle staining

Another popular product for hair - dye "L'Oreal" without ammonia.She fell in love with consumers is the fact that cares for the hair and does not damage the structure when painting.The hair does not dry, staying healthy and strong, becoming a deep rich color and shine, smooth and silky.And all this makes paint "L'Oreal Casting."The color palette also makes an impression by offering natural colors (brown, blond, red, etc.), as well as interesting bright and bold shades (plum or caramel, for example).

Painting "Casting Creme Gloss" is easy to apply, allowing the hair dye on their own without any help, and washed away gradually over one and a half to two months.By the way, balsam complete with paint provides additional nutritional effect due to content in the royal jelly.

What other interesting things can be found in the line of ink "Loreal"?

gives a beautiful shade of hair quickly and safely help paint "Loreal Sublim mousse", which is applied as a shampoo.It breathes new life into the hair and makes them shine less than an hour.This paint as well as other products, "L'Oreal", paints a gray hair.In the palette of twenty different shades that are kept on the hair for about a month - not bad for fast staining.

And another painting, "L'Oreal", carefully related to hair - "Excellence."Included with it except the balm sold serum provides additional protection and nourishment.This paint is not only not harmful, but also help restore the health of the hair after several staining procedures.

With paint "Loreal" painting transformed from harmful and unwanted procedures, not only in the process of giving beauty and color saturation of the hair, but also in the care of a session, and restore their power.