Means of struggle with imperfections: moisturizer

Moisturizer - a cosmetic product that must necessarily be in the purse of each of the fair sex.In absolutely any age, health and beauty of the face depend on the degree of hydration.Fed with moisture the skin will not cause any discomfort, there will be rough, reddened, or sluggish, and will not know the feeling of tightness and irritation.

Water has a very high value for all biochemical processes in the body, but because she is the main secret of elastic and young skin.

In the case of the cells of the epidermis is not enough moisture, the operation of biological systems is slowing down, and the skin becomes sluggish, dry and irritated.A good moisturizer will help to quickly cope with this kind of problems and ensure efficient both external and internal moisture, helping the skin to retain more moisture.

If you want to start using such cosmetic products at any age, given that the power of moisture is necessary all year round in the warm season, facial skin is dehydrated as a result of exposure to

sunlight, and in the cold - cold, wind and central heating.Especially it is necessary to emphasize that the moisturizer is perfect for use on any skin type, whether it is normal, dry or oily.The deep mistake to assume that a person with a lot of blackheads and enlarged pores should not use cosmetic products to help retain moisture.

If the skin characterized by greasy luster and pimples, the correctly chosen moisturizer for oily skin, on the contrary, will help to quickly deal with these problems and bring the person in perfect condition.The most important thing - it is competently approach to the process of selection and remember that all cosmetic products in this category can be divided into three main groups.

first group - occlusive agents that do not give the possibility to evaporate moisture, which is located in the skin.Such means usually comprise a composition of mineral oil and petrolatum.The person remains moist as long as it has a moisturizing cream.The second group - it is hygroscopic, which are able to bind water.These include hyaluronic acid, glycerol and sorbitol.The effect of this moisture is quite unstable, and not a positive, such as when using occlusive medications.Finally, the third group - are products that stimulate the activity of the natural water-retaining functions of the skin.The effect of such substances is not immediately, but is very resistant.The best moisturizer contains a substance from all these three groups.In order to properly determine which specific groups is a particular product, you just need to look at the composition indicated on the package.

In order to ensure the effectiveness of moisturizer, to use it should be for a minimum of one to two months.If the result of the facial skin was less dry, irritated, sensitive, the moisturizer really works.