Coco Chanel.

Coco Chanel ... A woman who rushed into the bourgeois society, and won all the haughty beauty and iron will, was born in an ordinary peasant family.The fact that his noble descent, she always hid, inventing new myths and astonishing circumstances of his birth.She knew how to cleverly hide not only relatives, but also age, education, relationships, and even feelings.In this brilliant, cold and yet so sensual woman it can not be suspected of a peasant from Auvergne.

Nevertheless, childhood Chanel was dull and poor.Daughter market traders had contacts with high culture and art.All that made Gabrielle (her birth name) - was created by the labor and character.The girl's father barely knew - slicker and playboy traveled a lot in an attempt to earn money.Gabriel's mother died when she was 5 years old.The girl and her two sisters were taken to a shelter, where pupils had to go to the little black dress.There it taught basic sewing skills.Later already famous Coco said: "I have made it!".It was about the black

dress from Chanel.

After leaving the orphanage Gabrielle settled in haberdashery shop, and even withdrew himself a small apartment, where she took private commissions.But even then she knew that her future depends on men.The first of these, to which Gabrielle went on content with the state trooper was Etienne balsam.Surrounded by a lover she noticed Kepela Boy, with whom he soon left for Paris, where in addition to sewing studied singing in cabarets.There it all "stuck" the name Coco.From the wardrobe of a new lover Chanel dragged men's clothes and wore them with pleasure.On the eve of the First World, she opened her first boutique in 1915 and has become known in a wide circle.

Chanel has always raved about business ideas.Perfume Line was one of its coveted ideas.Along with Ernest Beaux in 1921 he created the legendary perfume Coco - Coco Chanel № 5, which at her request had been spilled in the unusual for the time strictly rectangular bottle.Said Coco was inspired brocade ... Russian vodka.Coco Chanel - spirits, which had an incredible success and made its creator a millionaire.Gabrielle loved a pronounced floral aroma that was so popular in those days.Perfume Coco Chanel denied the existing bourgeois habits.As, however, and her other creations.She said that floral fragrance - a sign of bad taste, and a woman should smell like a woman.As Coco Chanel perfumes were widely used aldehydes - the substances that give flavor stability.However, and herself Mademoiselle was the same - resistant and flawless.

During his life, and the great Coco lived 87 years, a woman has revolutionized the bourgeois fashion, tearing vulgar clothes and clothe the young ladies and the ladies in suits and simple, but incredibly feminine dresses.She opened his own fashion house in Paris.She always rotate in the bohemian leggings and was not afraid of sharp witty.Said one indignant Coco violently ripped dress from Givenchy at one of the mannequins.She did not care what they think of her.It is above all appreciate the elegance and their work, for which even sacrificed love.

Coco Chanel - a brand under which lies a great story and endless winning indomitable will.Gabrielle Chanel died in a luxury hotel room in Paris 'Ritz'.Revenues Chanel empire accounted for more than $ 160 million a year.