Versace - perfume seduction

Italian fashion house Versace - one of the most influential in the world.The company's team of more than two thousand employees.The product range is huge.Clothing, accessories, furniture, perfumes - all products of Versace has always enjoyed increased interest from buyers around the world.

The brand Versace has a leading position not only in the creation and production of stylish clothing and accessories, but also in the production of perfume.Gianni Versace had an incredible professional instinct, he knew that the spirits - it's not a whim and not a fad, but an important touch to the creation of a completed image.Therefore, in the 80 years it begins simultaneously with the simulation of clothing develop perfume line.Initially created just for scents of the beautiful half of humanity, but after a short time there was also the male line.Since then Versace - perfume for men - are very popular and in demand all over the world.

They have a huge range of flavors.However, each man simply choose fragrance

for yourself.After going through a lot of compositions, he will feel his, only he intended flavor.Versace Men's Fragrances - is unsurpassed master of composition, which are solid and successful businessmen, elderly men and young sports guys.Men's & women's fragrance from Versace different basic tones in their ranks.

In the 90s Versace showed on the catwalks of jeanswear and the corresponding perfume."Denim" line of the company consists of eight original scent.

In 1997, after the death of Versace, the company began to manage his younger sister Donatella, a former supermodel.She continued the work of his brother.New women's perfume conquer the subtle floral hues.In 2006 the company introduced the original women's composition «Bright Crystal», which is very like the elegant women.In 2008, the company produces new luxury «Versace Pour Homme», which Donatella dedicated to the memory of his brother.

Versace - perfume, which differ in a successful combination of classical and modern flavors.They charge cheerfulness and vitality.Eau de toilette Versace perfume have recognized the classic flavors and does not require advertising.First of all, is the line of Jeans - fragrances cool and independence, strength and freedom.No need to be a millionaire or a very successful businessman, to buy these perfumes - the price is quite democratic and accessible to anyone.

One of the latest innovations of the company Versace - perfume for men Eros Versace, released in 2012.The composition is very impressive.Top notes of green apple, mint and citrus combine with heart notes of geranium, tonka bean, and vanilla flavor composition comprises from Madagascar, oak moss, cedar satiny.On the creation of this fragrance inspired by the author's figure of Greek mythology - the god of love, Eros, son of Aphrodite.Versace perfume for men, fully consistent with the concept of the famous brand, represents his style.

Versace perfume company creates unique - they can not be confused with others.These fragrances are designed for self-assured and purposeful men.