"Versace Bright Crystal" - spirits of the famous fashion house

main specialization is widely known in the world of fashion house Versace is an Italian model development and production of clothing for women and men, as well as a variety of accessories, jewelry, luxury goods and luxury perfumes.

collection of fragrances from the company that has international renown, includes luxurious and respectable perfumes and toilet water by women and men who are marching in step with the fashion trends.This perfume from Versace fans know a lot of luxury.

Perfume famous fashion houses are a dream of every woman.Eau de toilette Versace would like to have any modern man.The wide world of wonderful flavors of the Italian luxury house is an entire page in the history of perfumery world market.Each note of perfumes and toilet waters from this manufacturer has a huge influence on fashion trends fragrance market.

"Versace Bright Crystal" - a unique creation of the Italian House.These spirits, which were presented to us in the eyes of admirers 2006, found a combination of el

egance, sophistication and femininity.Aroma "Versace Bright Crystal" is a dream, which found its expression in the real perfume.These spirits are designed for women with impeccable taste, appeal and intelligence.Despite the fact that the owner of "Versace Bright Crystal" prefers classic elegance of a luxury, it is modern and activities, plastic and active.

Elite perfume from the famous design house literally shines brilliant clarity.Spirits "Versace Bright Crystal" are romantic and delicate version of the luxury fragrance "Crystal Noir", created in 2004.The author of the modern perfume having a floral-fruity composition is Alberto Morillas - known perfumes.It is ideally picked up in a luxury bouquet of fresh and sweet shades, creating a seductive and melodious harmony "Versace Bright Crystal."According to legend, this magnificent creation of his favorite notes inspired Donatella Versace.

Opens song "Versace Bright Crystal" sparkling and bright citrus yuzu frozen chord, which is a bit diluted juice red pomegranate seeds.Heart note is sweet and sensual bouquet composed of peony and magnolia petals with the addition of watery shades lotus.Sexy perfume trail consists of dry solar musk, amber and mahogany.

sweet and captivating fragrance created by the Italian designer house Versace for strong and self-confident women, but at the same time sensual and tender.Spirits "Bright Crystal" is ideal for any age.They can be used in spring and summer.Designed perfume for everyday application.

bottle design was created in a modern style.Its proportions are identical bottle "Crystal Noir".The bottle is made by using a light pink transparent glass crystal clear and closes a cover having the shape of a large gemstone.Successful design bottles to create a soft shimmering aura around receiving the spirits.Buy luxury perfume may be in the vials thirty, fifty or ninety milliliters.