"Loewe" (spirits) - a symbol of grace and charm

If a woman feels unique, unique and also the first in all undertakings, there is no doubt that she prefers "Loewe" (spirits).Unusual perfume of the brand, its bright and contrasting flavors will add energy and give confidence.

"Loewe" - spirits refined, sophisticated fit and secular women.Any woman will become the sea of ​​charm and charisma using these unusual flavors."Loewe" (spirits) are suitable for both adult women and very young girls.Today it is an attribute of glamor and luxury.

How did this remarkable brand?Let's go back a bit in history.In 1876, when "Loewe" (spirits) have been established, opened the first store of the company, which were sold leather goods for women.Soon we learned about this brand ladies all over the world.This is not surprising, because the store sold products of the highest class.Gradually the range of the company has improved markedly.

This fashion house started to produce amazing spirits and a variety of accessories.In our time, "Loewe" (spirits) are presented i

n an unusually wide range.This special perfume, loudly declare a special elegance and refinement.

Spirits "Loewe" - a vivid sensuality.Women, held as a person, will appreciate this fragrance appreciated.If you are extroverted and open to the world, the best perfume you will not find!Chances are you reckless, self-assured and mysterious, if you are fascinated, "Loewe" (spirits).The woman discovered the perfume, knows his worth, but the opinion of those around her a little worried, because it really is independent.

True connoisseurs of perfume fragrances by Loewe find stylish, non-standard and status.

Homeland these odors - a passionate and exciting Spain.This perfume is the highest class.Such spirits represent the highest quality, workmanship and unmatched perfume genuine luxury without a hint of vulgarity and excess.

Unfortunately, in Russia brand Loewe has appeared quite recently - only 5 years ago.Today, for the right to sell new flavors of this company compete most famous boutiques worldwide.Unfortunately, these spirits are produced in limited quantities, so not everyone can purchase for yourself this high-class perfume.Even with a very strong desire to buy the perfume is quite difficult.

very first fragrance "L de Loewe" the company released in 1972.This perfume conquered its sensuality, richness and generosity.Success was just stunning!Next was a duet for lovers "AGUA DE LOEWE for her" and "AGUA DE LOEWE for him", then there are new aromas with fruity and floral notes, and later with wood and fern.Do you know what perfume is the most popular of this company?

Women's perfume with a very romantic and promising title "Quizas, Quisaz, Quisaz", ​​which literally means "maybe".Each of the amazing flavors of the brand is unique and unique in its own way.This elegance and chic.And that you deserve!

male perfume compositions from the company "Loewe" are made of wood, Oriental and fern notes.Distinctive features - restrained sexuality, masculinity and elegant luxury.This perfume is created for bright and strong personalities who understand life.This high quality and elegant chic!