"Avon" - Review the company's products

history of the company "Avon", reviews of products that say about the effectiveness of cosmetic products, began in eighteen hundred and eightieth year.It was then that the American salesman David McConnell was created by the company, whose product was delivered directly to the consumer through a network of agents to collect orders.

Company name matches the name of the river that runs the home of Shakespeare's favorite writer McConnell.The first products of the company "Avon", reviews of which exceeded expectations, were spirits.Perfumes of the company - "Heliotrope", "Lily of the Valley", "violet", "White Rose" and "Hyacinth" - won great popularity among women.

Beginning in 1927, the company expanded its product assortment of funds intended for skin care, and after thirty-two years, she won the international market.At present, the production capacity of the company «AVON» located on all continents of our planet, and representative offices are located in the one hundred and forty countries around

the world.

The main feature of the production of "Avon", reviews of which testify to its popularity among various social strata, is the optimal combination of quality and price.Assortment of tools produced by the company, has a great range of value, which are cheap and available funds, and high-end, expensive.

company's products passed mandatory certification procedure.In this test, the new developments are not carried out on animals.All sold by the company "Avon" means consist only of eco-friendly components.The lower price does not mean a loss of quality.It indicates only the less costly technology in the manufacture of the product.

Assortment list The company's constantly growing.To develop new products using a large number of laboratories involved many researchers.At the same time once every three weeks produced an updated catalog.In it you can find the description of the newly created products.

product line of the company "Avon" (reviews say about their exceptional diversity) consists of three hundred thousand names.Production of known firms are jewelry, housewares and cosmetics.A significant impetus to the acquisition of goods the company "Avon", which reviews mostly positive, is the condition of the return of money spent by the buyer if the products of the company did not meet its expectations.

The company was the first manufacturer of cosmetics, offering mass consumer products containing alpha-hydroxy acids.These products are manufactured by AHA technology.Reviews of cosmetics "Avon" testify to its stunning effect on the skin.The company has developed anti-aging agent, having in its composition of vitamins A and C. Used in the manufacture of cosmetics technology gerbatsevtiki allowed to raise the product sold by the company to the next level.

brand "Avon" is a legend in the world of beauty, bringing women throughout the world youth and health.