Treat yourself with the joy of Kenzo L 'Eau par - it's the music of rain , which will forever remain in your heart !

Today Kenzo perfumes popular and known all over the world, although the number of created scents are not so great.However, before the end of the twentieth century came the first perfume, fashion house Kenzo only create clothing and accessories.

Kenzo Takada opened the doors of its first boutique in Paris in 1970, where they presented innovative things at the time.It was bright clothes created with Japanese cotton fabrics, which look a lot like a kimono.Contrary to fashionable, figure-fitting dresses with narrow shoulders and sleeves that was new, fresh look.And the world took it.Since then it became the most fashionable boutique and a favorite spot in Paris.

first perfume Kenzo de Kenzo was born in 1987 as the new floral fragrance created by using the principle of a true Japanese floral art - ikebana.Spirits were such a resounding success that immediately after they were new creations.

In 1996, a new Kenzo L 'Eau par for the image of a modern, successful woman.It has long ceased to be the main rol

e of a housewife, and although many women preferred home life and motherhood, most strive for a successful career and the desired independence.The image of the modern woman puts it on a par with men in the ranks, it is also able to make history and occupy a worthy place in society.But she remains a woman, soft, vulnerable, so needs a strong male support.So there was a sense of universal Kenzo L 'Eau par, which was cozy at any time of the day, and at any time of the year.

flavor sensations begin with the first notes of water lily and mint ice cubes.Then the heart Kenzo L 'Eau par reveals the sweetness of juicy, sweet peach, interlaced with amaryllis flower, which create a sensual union of femininity and love.Completed cane spirits, tart tangerine breeze and the south coast.Connoisseurs Kenzo L 'Eau par describe him as amazing magic aggrandizing woman to the blue skies, clouds, revealing her all the best fairy-tale landscape of the earth and in the end it returns to the ground, abounding with love and pleasure.

From the same series in 1999 was presented the new product for men - Kenzo L 'Eau par Kenzo pour Homme - as the triumph of courage and purity.The composition, which was created by the talented Oliver Cresp - is the perfect solution for active men, constantly moving forward.No matter what the purpose of today, what is the meaning of life, the main thing - it's relentless progress.The creator of the fragrance is characterized as something that is able to give comfort and energy.

begins Kenzo L 'Eau par pour Homme soft green and citrus sensations Japanese yuzu and ozone notes.The heart of the fragrance reveals a water lily and pepper and white musk perfume ends and green pepper.Bottle Kenzo L 'Eau par pour Homme was originally an oval shape with a dark blue cover.Since 2003, thanks to the ideas embodied in the life of Fabien Baron, the bottle - a blue cube transparent ice.

how love can be transparent and fragile, at any time to disappear like a cloud, but it has great power of destruction and be sharp as ice and bottles of male and female spirits today look like pure transparent ice shard.

Fragrance Kenzo chosen by people walking through life with confidence to the target!Try it, maybe it's your style!