Sophisticated fragrance "Armani Code"

true romantics who prefer the ease and freshness of flavors for those who want to see the world bright and saturated, meant perfume line Armani famous Italian company.

In 1982, the famous designer presented to the public his perfume debut - an exclusive fragrance Armani, who later became the undisputed best seller.Creating this fragrance, Giorgio took inspiration from nature.These spirits instantly become extremely popular and have taken their rightful place in the niche perfumery.Aromas of great masters are clean and simple, but at the same time thought out to the smallest detail.Armani prefers to create a sensual, delicate, with bright flavors.

Armani perfume line up as women's and men's fragrances.Women who use perfume Armani, romantic and refined, and a man - strong and totally confident.Perfume Armani collection includes more than 70 different flavors.The most popular among them Acqua de Gio, Emporio Armani, Idol d Armani, Armani Code.

In 2002, the company released Armani Code pour Homme.

Spicy and sour oriental fragrance leaves behind a trail of light citrus.This is a great choice for an attractive and evolving according to the time of a man who attracts to itself both charm and brutality.

men's fragrance in 2006 got a decent pair - "Armani Code" female.Sensuality, charm and gentleness - feminine qualities, which could inspire the author.Lovely aroma of orange blossoms is successfully combined with hints of ginger and mild smell of honey and sandalwood.

In the following 2007 he released "Armani Code Elixir."This composition is charming and a bit mysterious woman.His winner watching fashionable novelties, and indifferent to the subtle seductive aromas.

In 2011, the company continues to perfume line a new men's fragrance - "Armani Code Summer".This version of the previously released izmёnennaya spirits.It changes the heart and the base of the fragrance.It remained unchanged shape of the bottle, but he became made of white frosted glass with a black cap.

In the same year he published a pair fragrance "Armani Code Summer".These spirits were intended for women.This is an updated, more lightweight version of the eponymous odor released earlier.His perfume range slightly bitter, but it only adds to it a certain charm.

In 2012, the fashion house Armani has produced a stunning fragrance "Armani Code" (male) - "Ultimate pho Men."This scent is for strong men dressed in impeccable suits.He was always elegant and seductive.It is a sensual, intense and luxurious version than the original.The composition reveals juicy mandarin, mellow and slightly bitter grapefruit tart with anise.At the heart of the fragrance - the cedar tree, cypress and olive green weightless.Rounding out the sweetish smell of vanilla, guaiac wood, tonka bean honey.The bottle, which lies the novelty is traditional for all the spirits "Armani Code" form.Rich black frosted glass bottle and elegant shape inspired by the famous tuxedo designed by Armani great.