Handyman: palette of colors "Loreal"

In this woman have to be some kind of zest, charm, something that will help her not to get lost in the crowd, do not be one of many.One possibility in this respect - from time to time make changes to your image: a wardrobe update, to make a new hairstyle, hair color change.

little theory

Choose the right hair color - that there is always some difficulty.It is important to choose not only the color that is pleasant, and the one that will be in harmony with your natural tsvetotip, skin tone, eye color.These and other subtleties to be considered, not to get in his head "radical black" with a green tint, like Kisa Vorobyaninov of the unforgettable "12 chairs".As a teaching tool, we will be the palette of colors "Loreal".

Thus, the value of any of the terms we need:

  • palette of colors.Each manufacturer has its own specific set of colors and the palette - a kind of map, through which they can explore and then select the appropriate shade.The panel presented by categories images;tones and shades are
    located on a particular system, and so easy to navigate, where the colors for brunettes, blondes, and so on;
  • palette of colors "Loreal" is presented in the following order: first, go paint the lightest tones.Then - the darker and lower ranks occupy the dark up to black with a particular tint or without;
  • usually large manufacturers are not limited to the release of a product line or collection, and try their best to diversify.The company, which is in question, is no exception.Therefore, each of its collector line has its own palette of colors "Loreal".We'll talk more about them.

Series and palette

Currently, the firm has developed and widely sells products in five lines or series of hair dyes.All of them are inherent characteristics such as excellent quality, gentle, therapeutic effect on the hair, excellent durability and high color saturation.

1. The palette of colors "Loreal" from the series «Excellence».She, in turn, consists of five categories:

  • «Crème».This category consists of 3 main colors: light or blonde (for blondes), copper-red (for the brown-haired women) and chestnut-brown (for brunettes).The colors are divided into shades (a total of 29).The color characteristics of colors - bright, sunny;sand, ash, saturated copper, juicy red, deep black and brown tones;
  • «Creme Resistant Gray».This "L'Oreal" color palette for hair consists of six colors with ash and golden hues, starting and ending with brown Light Brown.Addressed she blondes;
  • «Browns Extreme» - line haired women.The main colors - brown, is also of six colors with natural tones, shades of gold, wine, etc .;
  • «Reds Extreme» - the name speaks for itself.This palette of colors for hair "Loreal" pleases lovers of bright, saturated colors red.Presented by 3 samples;
  • «Blondes Extreme».The line especially for blonde women are 3 bright shades close to natural.

2. The palette of colors series «Casting Creme Gloss» designed for those ladies who like the color, close to natural.Shades of bright, saturated, but not extravagant.

3. The ink set from "Loreal" called «Feria Professional».The main emphasis is on the color intensity, its maximum saturation and rehabilitation of hair.Paint not only gives them the desired shade, but also lively, healthy sheen, well-groomed.The palette is rich choice of colors and is thus in great demand.

4. palette called «Recital Preference» contains 45 colors - from natural to rich, saturated and addressed blondes, brunettes, brown hair.

5. The ink set of 30 colors called «Color Gems».Innovation means - it is made on the basis of bezammiachnoy and has tinted effect.Very beautiful colors, a wide range.Suitable for women of different types.

Not surprisingly, the hair dye from "Loreal" for many years has been in the top most popular products.