Perfume Gucci Premiere

Oddly enough, but his career founder of the empire "Gucci" head waiter started to work in the famous British hotel "Savoy".Here he was able to see the luxurious life of the rich Englishmen.Guccio Gucci your business started much later.His first enterprise was the manufactory that specialized in the treatment of the skin.However, during the war always had problems with the supply of raw materials, so Gucci moved to release products from canvas.

Despite the difficulties, all the products that came out of the hands of the master, were elegant and refined.This caused consumers overjoyed.Then Guccio started to produce porcelain, silk scarves even later.It is thanks to the latter, he became famous as a great designer.

As is well known, talented people are talented in everything.I was no exception and the great Gucci.Perfumes, which he started in 1971, won the hearts of millions.His work in this challenging industry Gucci began using his son Aldo.His debut was the flavor of "Gucci №1" (1971).After it came

out a few more songs, but none of them was able to surpass the previously created.

In 1995 there was a reorganization of the company, bringing it headed a great designer Tom Ford is not included in the family clan Gucci.To his credit - he did everything to perfumes "Gucci" was even better, brighter to her admired not only experts, but also buyers.

In 2012, the famous company, inspired by the beauty and glamor of old Hollywood, has released a new fragrance Gucci Premiere.This fragrance "tells" about the beautiful Hollywood women dressed in magnificent dress from the latest collection, "Gucci", which was presented at the Cannes Film Festival.

Gucci Premiere Fragrance is able to make a lady out of every star.The owner of this delicious smell - beautiful stranger, dressed in a luxurious dress, with its refined taste, which cherishes its reputation.Gucci Premiere composition created for the modern style icons.

image that represents a novelty - a female star who has impeccable style and the power of beauty.She admired everywhere, wherever it appeared.Floral-woody fragrance immediately reveals the splendor of citrus notes of bergamot.It blends in with the smell of orange blossom.At the heart of the composition feels chic fragrance of white flowers, which changes the energy of musk.Base Gucci Premiere - a warm, slightly "smoky" chord skin and creamy scent of balsam wood.That is what made the song memorable.

women opting for "Gucci Prime", combines the amazing strength and power, sensual femininity and generosity.She was used to win in everything: in his personal life and career.The same slightly excessive demands it imposes and the selected flavor.With "Gucci Premiere of" any woman can feel like a true star, decorating by their presence the red carpet International Film Festival.

All fragrances "Gucci" inimitable.This durable alloy of French sophistication and emotional Italians.That is why perfumes "Gucci" continues to win the hearts of millions around the world.