Proper care for the tattoo

you finally decided to make a tattoo, and have become the proud owner of an amazing picture on your body.Now, however, it is important to provide the right care for the tattoo.

Surely you have learned quite a lot about the tattoo and chose a respectable salon, where professionals work, because it is the key to successful and safe conduct of this complex procedure.Now a lot depends on you and how you approach the responsibility to implement all the recommendations.A good master will instruct and inform, what should be avoided in the next two weeks, that is how much time you'll need to tattoo has healed.

Care tattoo started already when specialist put a bandage on the first to make a drawing.This is necessary in order to germs and dust do not fall on the injured skin.Now, your task is not later than 8:00 carefully remove the bandage and wash the place of your new design with warm soapy water.It is better if you use liquid soap, and then carefully dry the tattoo clean, dry towel.In no case do not rub

the place where the very recent past masters of the needle, it is better simply blot with a soft cloth.

Remember that your tattoo should "breathe", so it is not necessary for it to create a "greenhouse effect" and sealed her patch, so she will just rot for a long time to heal.

Make it a rule to wash pattern on the body twice a day (morning and evening).Naturally, this should be done not with a sponge and a soap and warm water, gently rubbing the place with your fingers.This tattoo care to avoid the formation of a solid crust, as well as discomfort and pain during washing.

must say that the healing process takes about two weeks.Therefore, at this time forget about the hot tubs and the swimming pool.Agree, not so long time, so it is possible to suffer."Fresh" tattoo impossible to steam and exposed to ultraviolet radiation, accordingly, is not recommended to sunbathe in the solarium.

during exercise sweat stands out, which irritates the damaged surface of the skin, so you have to take a small break in the sport.However

care tattoo is not only the correct treatment area of ​​the skin to which it is applied;it is very important not to comb, and once again not to touch this place.Clothing is best to wear a large, preferably from natural materials.

There are a number of funds that it is desirable to use during the healing of damaged skin.The first question to ask your master: "The smear tattoo?".It should not be a spray or gel, use only ointment and apply a thin layer of neat circular motion.Among the most common means we can advise the ointment "Bepanten", "Solkoseril", "Miramistin."All these agents have antiseptic and a healing effect, as well as promote tissue regeneration.

It should be noted that choosing a place for the application of the coveted figure, it must be remembered that over the years the skin has the ability to stretch and sag, so you should take this into account.Also note that you can make a correction tattoo, if over time it has lost clarity and brightness.Prolonged exposure to sunlight can adversely affect the quality and brightness of the picture, so it is recommended to use a sunscreen with a high SPF factor.

Remember that providing the right care for the tattoo in the aftermath of its application of a master, you can avoid many of the negative consequences, which may lead to deformation and changes in the quality of the skin caused to the image.