Essential oil: Properties and Applications

Today, there are about three thousand plants from different parts of which it is possible to obtain an oily extract.The most common name of such extracts - essential oils.It implies certain characteristics of these substances, namely their volatility and, respectively, a pronounced odor.There are many essential oils and combinations thereof, each separately but is unique.Even the oil of plants, obtained in different regions will vary in composition and its healing properties.

People who practice the use of essential oils to treat, often called the lifeblood of plants.The high concentration of nutrients in the composition makes oil unique of its kind drug in strength which can not be compared even the most modern medicines of chemical origin.Despite the fact that the world does not find two oils with the same properties, virtually any of them has a very wide range of effects on the human body.Furthermore, essential oils rarely cause side effects, unlike conventional drugs.

Use oil extracts have been

known to our ancestors.No wonder he Hippocrates believed the foundation of good health daily therapy with their application.Ways oil production somewhat, but in any case, requires a large amount of raw material.One hundred kilograms of rose petals accounts for a negligible amount of essential oil - about half a liter.It's one of the reasons for the high cost, but it also explains the high levels of nutrients in the final product.And because therapy usually requires only a few drops.

Essential oils: the properties of some plants

clove oil

oil is obtained by drying the flowers and buds, and subsequent distillation.Apply both internally and externally.In the first case stud is very good for memory impairment, fatigue, digestive disorders, infection with parasites.Essential oils used to treat and prevent various lung infections and colds.Externally, clove is used to treat skin infections.It speeds up the healing of wounds, relieves ulcers, scabies, lupus.

For maximum efficiency, the substance is usually mixed with alcohol or honey.It copes well oil and as an insecticide: successfully repels not only mosquitoes and sandflies, but even moles.If you are looking for essential oils, the properties of which would allow them to replace analginum, the stud fits perfectly.When a toothache, it is an excellent analgesic.For this it is necessary to moisten cotton pair of liquid drops, and then applied to the tooth problematic.


Essential oils, the properties of which help us to calm down and feel the peace - not a rarity.Nothing compares to this end with vanilla essential oil.Vanilla considered one of the strongest anti-depressants, that's why it so like to use when creating a bubble bath, cosmetics and perfumes, shower gels.

vanilla essential oil improves memory, helps to concentrate, it even accelerates the removal of alcohol from the body.Vanilla is often used to treat insomnia, as a sedative and as an aid to dieting.Her scent is able to make a person a quick feeling of satiety, which helps not to overeat.

Regular exposure to the essential oil to the skin increases its elasticity, helps to preserve youth, gently whitens and removes any inflammation including a rash caused by stress.It does not cause allergies to sensitive skin, so it is suitable for almost everyone.But the oil can not be used immediately before entering the bright sun.


debts by distillation from the heartwood get sandalwood essential oils.The properties of the final product are unique.Sandalwood affects all body systems, it can be used as a means for the treatment of cystitis, disorders of gastric system, bronchitis and colds, nausea in case of poisoning.Equally effective is the oil on the skin: it helps to get rid of scabies, inflammation, irritation and acne.

addition, sandalwood oil - an effective remedy for insomnia.It helps a person to get rid of the whining, prevents hysterical state, so it is recommended under strong psychological stress.It cleanses the body, bringing it from toxins.But most of all, and for a long time, oil of sandalwood is known as a strong aphrodisiac.Therefore, it can be especially recommended for Aroma massages.

How to store

All oils are very sensitive to sunlight, so keep them better in the dark.Ideally - in a bottle of dark glass.Also do not forget about the volatility of such substances.This means that the oil container must be kept tightly closed.It is believed that the loud noise adversely affects the properties of essential oils.