Proper care of the scalp

thick, beautiful and shiny hair is always in fashion.And what about the scalp?Does this condition of the hair?Yes, skin care head not less important than themselves curls.Therefore, a few simple recipes would not want.

Skincare head: why is it important?

In fact it is laid down in the skin hair follicles and bulbs.Here is the area of ​​hair growth, the center of their power, and the blood supply.Scientists around the world agree - it is impossible to become the owner of a healthy, strong hair, having a problematic scalp.

Modern beauty salons, there are a range of treatments that can be used to improve her condition.But some methods of care available to everyone.The main thing here - regular attention.Means for care will depend on the type of skin.

Care for dry scalp

Women with dry scalp often complain of a feeling of tightness and itching.Sometimes this leads to dryness and flaking dandruff.If there was suddenly dry, it is best to consult a doctor because it may indicate the presence of a s

kin disease.

But in most cases, dry skin - the result of dehydration, improper care, and sometimes genetic inheritance.And the first thing to do - is to choose the right shampoo.It should be slightly acidic reaction (pH 4,5-5,5).It is desirable that the means for hair contained the vegetable oils of coconut, almond, shea butter, lavender.Proper skin care should include head and regular massage.Such simple action will improve blood circulation, and hence its power.

Oily scalp

Oily skin - is the result of excessive secretion of the sebaceous glands.As a rule, such a violation is associated with hormonal failure, constant stress, adverse environmental conditions, etc.

First, let's remember that massage, and frequent combing hair are contraindicated, since only cause enhanced sebaceous glands.It is also important to choose the right shampoo, with slightly alkaline reaction.As part of your agent should not be present substances such as silicone or lanolin.While shampooing, try to apply it to the skin shampoo - so you can clean the roots of the hair, causing dry ends.

Very good impact and regular rinsing with water and a little lemon juice.

care for sensitive scalp

most difficult it is to care for this type of skin, as it is prone to dryness, irritation and allergies.Care must include medical masks, shampoos and conditioners, soft.Choose a safe means that contain a minimum of dyes and other aggressive chemicals.Perfect quality baby shampoo.

sure to pay attention to the water that wash your hair - it should be treated should not contain calcium and magnesium salts.Chlorinated water is bad for skin and hair.Carefully choose a brush: it is desirable that it is made of natural materials (wood) and had a soft, non-sharp tips.

Skincare head: some useful advice

course, shampoos, lotions and masks - an important part of care.But the health of the skin and the hair depends on the condition of the whole organism.

  • Rational healthy eating, an active lifestyle, proper organization of the operating mode, no stress - everything is wonderful impact on the state of your hair.
  • not forget at least twice a year to take vitamins and mineral complexes.
  • Reception flaxseed oil and fish oil saturates the body with essential fatty acids, thereby making the hair strong and healthy.
  • Try as little as possible to use means for stacking, as well as a hair dryer, curling irons and other appliances, heated hair.
  • Do not forget hats - scalp need protection from both the sun and from the cold and wind.

Adhering to these simple rules, you can not only make your hair shiny, but also improve the whole body.