Tan: Is it possible to tan through the glass

The Sun is based on the impact of UV rays on the skin.There are three kinds of rays.Those that are known as "C", practically does not reach the earth's surface, so that a serious impact on our skin can not.But the rays of "B" allow to receive the coveted golden hue very quickly, but in a deleterious manner.But the most safe tan is the one which is obtained by skin exposure beams "A".However for a strong effect in this case, it takes a long time.But the result is worth it: a tan is safe and lasts a very long time.

why dark skin?

for the change of color of the skin, as well as for the intensity of it, the human body correspond to specific cells.They contain the pigment melanin, hence the name - melanocytes.Causing the skin to darken, they protect the body from the harmful effects of solar radiation.And the more intense ultraviolet rays, the cells produce more pigment.An interesting feature of these cells is that they can not only dark, but also to lighten (to the chagrin of sunbathers) to its origina

l state.The amount of melanin in the skin caused by genetics, under normal conditions, it is maintained at the same level.

intensity tanning

known that long-term use of some medications can weaken the protective functions of the body, including the skin's ability to produce melanin.Therefore, some people sunbathing is prohibited.The same applies to the pathologies, in which the skin is contained in too small an amount of the pigment to effectively counter the environment.No matter how many such people may lie on the beach, they do not "take" tan dangerous ultraviolet rays pass freely under the skin and cause harm to the body.

most important factor for quality tanning is the height of the sun above the horizon.Latitude in this matter plays a very important role.That's why people who live in hot regions of the earth, historically have a darker complexion.But at the height of the sun affects not only the geographical position.There are also important times of the day and time of year.In particular, when it comes to temperate climates, where the change of seasons is expressed particularly strongly.

Another important factor relates to the atmosphere itself.What makes it clearer and more transparent, the more rays reach the earth's surface and are reflected from it.It affects the tan and the height of one day in the mountains will give a greater effect than a week stay on a hot beach.Among the snowy peaks of the power of sunlight exposure is so high that the climbers had to use several layers of protection, special glasses and creams.But even these funds are not delivered them from the bright sun.And all this despite the cold that prevails in the snow.

Can you tan through the glass

Even in the cold season, when lying on the beach can not be, the sun still shines brightly and friendly.Often, when its rays poured our apartments, there is a thought, "How cool would it be sunbathing right here!".Some people, on the contrary, too much afraid of the reaction of the skin to ultraviolet light, so even in public transport try not to sit on the sunny side.The question is, is it possible to get a tan through the glass, bothers many.The more that people say in such cases, redness, characteristic of the newly acquired tan.

In fact, most people do not have to worry about whether you can get a tan through a window pane.Ultraviolet is, of course, misses, but this is only the first type of sunlight.As mentioned above, this radiation is completely harmless to the skin.Rays of "A", and even scattered glass, do not have a strong enough impact to start the process of melanin production.Hope for any effect to be only in the case when a person has to get a tan the natural way, but he became a little pale.Then even the weakest rays will intensify already contained in skin pigment, cause some darkening.

In any case, the chocolate hue of the southern way to get not succeed.The most that should be calculated - it is a slight darkening of the skin.Do not take the heat for the first sign of redness of sunburn.Rather, it will pass through several minutes.After having put a hot water bottle to his cheek for a while, then we too will see the red spot.But no one will then argue that the heater causes sunburn.Another thing, if you replace the usual Plexiglas window.Then you can sunbathe all year round.

it necessary to defend

worry about whether you can get a tan through the glass, it is necessary only to those people who are predisposed to the appearance of age spots.In this case, they can provoke anything.We recommend using a weak protective creams.Even an ordinary day, as they usually also contain a UV-filter.Means of protection from ultraviolet radiation are applied mainly on the face and neck - places where there are usually dark spots.

also developed a human body's natural defenses in addition to melanin.A long exposure to the sun skin sweats that protects it from penetration of ultraviolet radiation.The above eliminates the concerns about whether it is possible to sunbathe through the glass in the apartment or car.Especially that the sun's rays on a small number of useful and even necessary for the person.So to protect themselves from them too actively, especially in the autumn of the year should not be.