Rules applying makeup

Another famous Coco Chanel said that "no beautiful women: there are ugly and well painted."Hence the conclusion: any self-respecting woman should skillfully use makeup to hide their shortcomings and emphasizing dignity.

At first glance, it seems that so tough?However, not all so simple, otherwise there would be such an abundance of various means by which you can adjust any line on his face.But not all women know the subtleties and rules applying makeup.But the face of the woman - it was her calling card, so it's important to look at.

Let's talk about what you need to know to make the right makeup neat and that will fit exactly your type of person and activities that you plan to visit.But before you learn the rules applying makeup, it should be recalled that the facial skin requires thorough cleansing and moisturizing procedure not only to make-up, but every day.Only in this way you ensure that the skin is velvety and tender, and all funds (foundation, powder, etc.) will lay down evenly.

first apply foundation on the face moisturized.Choose a color tone means must be as close as possible to the natural tone of the skin or a little lighter.Darker shades visually old skin instead of your main task - to refresh the face.Apply concealer best special latex sponge that allows you to evenly distribute the agent of the person, without pulling the skin.Pay special attention to the area near the roots of the hair, ears and neck did not have clear boundaries, which make the basis of the most prominent tone.

Then use correctors (concealers), in order to mask the dark circles under the eyes, pigmented spots and pimples.Apply concealer dotted on the problem area of ​​skin tone correction tools should be lighter tonal framework, to darkened areas of skin were invisible.

Then you should choose powder (loose, compact) and using a fluffy brush to put on top of the tone means.Now your face is even color, so you can proceed to the next step.

Using blush can be simulated and adjust the shape of the face, visually reduce the nose or cheekbones, making softer jawline.In order to properly apply blush, choose a well-lit space with daylight.Before the procedure, you need to brush gently shake off the excess blush - these are the rules applying makeup.This avoids too saturated colors.To blush on his face looked more natural and naturally, professionals recommend when applying blush again face powder.

When all steps behind, you can begin to eye makeup.This is one of the most critical moments.Women's eyes can combat and conquer any man, so it is very important to carefully and properly make up.For daytime make-up, it is important just to emphasize the shape and color of the eyes and eyelashes give volume.But shades for evening make-up may be more intense and shiny.The main rules applying eye makeup involve the use of colors corresponding to the shade of the eyes, as well as simple techniques that allow visually correct or small close-set eyes.Remember that mascara should be applied first to the bottom and then the upper lashes.With the help of contour pencil eyeliner or can be to focus on the color or shape of the eye, but it should be done carefully and cautiously, so select a time to start and just work out and experiment in front of a mirror.

sequence of applying makeup plays an important role, so the top of all you need lipstick.To do this, use the contour pencil, lipstick or gloss.The circuit needs to make the lips more sensual and clear, as it will help to adjust the shape.In addition, the contour pencil prevents spreading of lipstick or gloss make-up and makes more accurate.

Such are the simple rules applying make-up, the main thing - to do make-up in a well-lit room and use quality products, otherwise your makeup can make you allergic, or simply leak on his face at the most inopportune moment.