Bleaching Cream

look attractive dream of every woman, regardless of age.You must pay attention to yourself daily.The hardest thing to maintain the beauty of the skin.It can not be hidden under clothing.It is always in sight.Wind, cold, sun and other factors negatively affect the skin condition.At such moments, she just needs some extra care right.

Very often, especially in fair-skinned girls, under the influence of the sun freckles, lentigines, melasma, and so on.In the fight with them will help whitening cream.

cause of pigmentation is an increased level of melanin in the skin.This process takes place under the influence of the following factors:

  • exposure to ultraviolet rays;
  • hormonal changes;
  • infection;
  • injury;
  • pregnancy and post-partum state.

Get rid of the pigmentation is difficult.There are many ways to do this, as soft and delicate (whitening cream, mask, scrub, peeling and so on), and radical.Before selecting a suitable option, check with your doctor.Perhaps served pigmentation cause any disease.In t

his case it is necessary to begin a course of treatment.Then (if dark spots did not pass on their own) to restore smooth complexion.

How to choose a whitening cream

Try not to go on about the advertising.A bright packaging and fine words do not always guarantee the desired effect.Before you buy something, read carefully the composition indicated on the package.If there are mentioned substances such as kojic acid, gidrohinom, arbutin, feel free to put funds back.These chemicals are extremely harmful to the skin and can cause harsh allergic reaction.They are banned in most countries.However, there are on the shelves of the CIS countries in the composition of cheap cosmetics.Do not skimp on your health!

If whitening cream contains almond or lactic acid, extracts of cucumber, lemon, parsley, yarrow, and vitamin C, then rest assured that will achieve good effect, using it.These funds belong to the category of active cosmetics.They stimulate cell regeneration.Using a whitening cream, you're doing your skin is very delicate and sensitive.Therefore, before going out sunscreen should be applied to protect themselves from the sun.


bleaching cream is applied in the evening, at least two hours before bedtime.Thus, it acts overnight.This does not interfere with cosmetics and weather conditions.

This cream can not be used for more than three consecutive weeks.It is necessary to use a sunscreen during the day.

whitening at home

you will need the following products: one cup of unsweetened yogurt without additives;two tablespoons of lemon juice;four almond.This cream will be much better and more effective than the one you can buy in a drugstore or department store.Through granular consistency, availability of sufficient funds to cleanse the skin from dead cells.You immediately feel the lightness and freshness.

Method of preparation:

  1. almonds in a blender grind to the consistency of flour.This should be done very gently and carefully, so as not to get oil.
  2. Mix yogurt and lemon juice.
  3. nut Add flour and stir again.

The resulting mass is applied on the face in circular motions.This almonds will serve as a scrub and lemon juice lighten the skin.

After a few treatments you will see the effect.The main advantage of this cream is a natural origin of all ingredients.