Harmful if X-rays during pregnancy?

women carefully prepare your body for conception - quit smoking, eat right, make the necessary analysis and research.But many moms, the question arises - whether the X-rays during pregnancy harm the baby?And what impact it will have on the course of the pregnancy?

How can X-rays during pregnancy harm the baby, is heavily dependent on the dose and the organ, which the picture is taken.Currently, doctors have in their arsenal a modern equipment that allows the X-ray studies using low doses of radiation, so it is safe and will have no negative effects on the fetus, but it does not rule out the potential risk.In the first place, may damage the central nervous system of the fetus, there is a risk of miscarriage and further complication of pregnancy.The rays can damage cells or DNA of living matter.Especially dangerous x-ray in early pregnancy, when the fetus is a small body.Effect of X-ray body is very fast.Therefore, if there is a need to do an x-ray, it is better to do in the first phase of the cycle, or

for two weeks from the beginning of menstruatsii- ie when a woman is probably not pregnant.In the second phase, after ovulation, it is better not to do an x-ray.

mechanism changes in the irradiated tissue is very complex and depends, inter alia, on the size of the resulting dosage form and irradiation conditions, and the type of body cells.Because different tissues of the human body differ in their sensitivity to X-rays.The most sensitive to it are the sexual organs, bone marrow, lungs, stomach, colon, eye lens.

If an X-ray performed on top of the women - breast, mouth, neck or hands, the rays are not sent directly to the fetus.However, in case of need to do X-rays during pregnancy abdomen, back, pelvis or kidney disease, radiation has a direct contact with the fruit.

modern x-ray machine produces excellent diagnostic radiation with a low dose of radiation.That's enough to run most of the necessary tests (eg, dental, or chest x-ray), even in the early stages of pregnancy.However, for studies that require large doses of radiation (lumbar spine X-rays of the pelvis or hips), the risk of birth defects above.In such situations, you can use more advanced imaging techniques (ultrasound or magnetic resonance imaging).After all, despite the fact that MRI is one of the radiological diagnostic methods, this study does not use X-rays.

If a woman asks if she can do X-rays during pregnancy tooth, it must take into account the possible risks.Of course, exposure to the dental radiology minimum, but you can not say that it is equal to zero.The risk of fetal abnormalities due to the X-ray of the tooth, a little.Irradiation of the facial skull the patient to wear special protective apron with a thin layer of lead.Furthermore, this protection applies to the thyroid gland.

do X-rays during pregnancy is better only when necessary, when all the other studies and tests can not be postponed until the birth of the baby.X-ray examination of pregnant women should be done in such a way as to ensure maximum protection of the fetus from radiation exposure.Every expectant mother should discuss with your doctor the need to do X-rays during pregnancy - change the date of the meeting, to opt out or change the research on less invasive and safer techniques for pregnant women.