When Russia marks Day of communicator?

October 20 (Day communicator) 1919 is the official day of formation of the Army Signal Corps in our country.That same day, the order of the Revolutionary Military Council was special to finally form Communications.Moreover, since that time communication service belonged to a special service of the staffs and the troops themselves due determined as independent forces.It was at that time, and laid the foundation for the subsequent gradual formation of modern communication troops on the territory of our country.

Recall that Day military signalman was officially established according to the decree of the President in 2006.Earlier this feast was celebrated only as a day of the Armed Forces.

Day communicator.History

first communications unit in our country there were, according to experts, in the XIX century and the first camp telegraph already actively used in the Crimean War.In 1899, the military was first formed by the radio, which was called "Kronstadt spark Telegraph".In addition, at the beginning

of the First World in the Russian army had their own communications unit in almost all the artillery, infantry and cavalry units.

Surely everyone will agree that the military relationship at the moment is one of the direct management of the existing components of the Armed Forces, or rather, its material basis.It should be noted that it is on its condition and functioning today for the most part depends not only on the efficiency of command and control, but also the relevance of the use of weapons and various types of agents.

With regard to the development of this branch of the Armed Forces, we can say that directly link the military itself was quite a long and fruitful path in its development, which in turn is inextricably linked with the improvement of martial arts, applied techniques.

Day communicator today

Due to this holiday, the Day of the signalman, Russia can be proud of our military.Every year, special forces carried the day look not only directly themselves experts, but also military equipment, devices.

Currently regard Russian troops include special units under the central government, counties and associations.Additionally, their composition also includes various types of stationary and field communication modules, multiple technically association control communication security, ubiquitous linear parts, and technical support departments and research institutions.

modern communication system is a fairly complex and at the same time multi-functional mechanism, having in its composition the different communication centers, radio kilometer line and wired communication systems and, of course, themselves professionals (communicators), thanks to which the structure is working successfully.Military annually celebrate the Day of the signalman on 20 October.