Why separate the newlyweds at the wedding glasses

Undoubtedly, each newly married couple wants their wedding day remember them for life.And the wedding day is approaching ... nice efforts in full swing: carefully chosen dress for the bride, make-up, hair, the bride chooses a festive costume, specifies the details of a wedding bouquet and boutonnieres for the friend and cronies, the car is decorated with champagne cooled ... And,of course, the glasses for the wedding, tender and delicious, like a bride waiting for the hour when filled with sparkling drink.To

celebration took place without fuss and trouble, it would be nice pre-buy your favorite wine glasses, because, in practice, to remember them at the last moment before the celebration.We advise you to buy a few pairs of glasses.One pair can be used to register and a walk.If the pair will be broken, you know that in a restaurant or at home waiting for you for at least one lovely pair of glasses.Frequently, such dishes are sold in a set, in the amount of six pieces.You can buy them in bridal salons,

online stores or even at your nearest supermarket.

Newlyweds tend to pay much attention to the decoration of wedding goblets.And not for nothing, because they symbolize family ties newlyweds.Originally decorated glasses for wedding celebration will give a taste of tenderness, romance and atmosphere will leave a lasting impression in the memory of those present.

glasses bride and groom, of course, have to stand out from the masses of dishes on the festive table.It is therefore important to choose the "outfit" for the wedding glasses, because they will accompany the young by the registrar to the holiday table.

How to decorate the glasses for a wedding?There are many ways, but most often they are decorated in the style of wedding dress the bride and groom.You can decorate their cups sparkling crystals, delicate ribbons, bows, artificial or fresh flowers.If you want to entrust this work to professionals, contact specialty stores or salons.Masters using paints for glass may be applied to the crystal glasses for a wedding different figures: wedding rings, white swans, heart, declaration of love or even a wedding date.Especially popular in recent years to put on the wedding dishes newlyweds their photos.Some prefer an exclusive engraving the name of a loved one.This gives the glass charm and originality.In the same classical decoration is applying monogram.Monogram - a decoration beautiful mark of the first letters of the name or surname.In the Middle Ages the monogram used in the manufacture of jewelry, or applied to the dishes.Undoubtedly, this will give the glass decoration refinement.

beautifully decorated glasses for a wedding is not only filled with a festive drink, but also they will fill your day of romance and love.If holiday glasses survived and remained unbroken after leaving the palace of the marriage, they can permanently store the most important day in your life.Incidentally, these wedding accessories go out of style, no aging, and you can use them more than once.Agree, so nice wedding anniversary to drink right out of "those" cups.Take some time decorating wedding glasses, and you will not regret it!The result is worth it!