Separate wedding glasses decoration

Any wedding is complete without some accessories that are characteristic of this solemn and important event.One of these items are undoubtedly the glasses of champagne for honeymooners.In addition, they represent not only an indispensable attribute of the holiday, but also a symbol of unity young, and therefore kept in the family for many years as a precious souvenir.For this reason the design of wedding glasses - an issue that should be taken very seriously.You can buy ready-made attributes of the holiday.Today on sale there is a huge variety of shapes, colors and styles of decoration.But the design of wedding glasses, made with his own hands, this accessory will add personality and a peculiar charm.

There are many ways of their decoration: applique, painted or stained with acrylic paint, decoupage.

Making wedding glasses using the application involves the use of various decorative elements.For example, for this purpose perfectly fit a variety of beads, satin ribbons, boutonnieres, rhinestones, lace

.The most common way - decorated with a small bouquet corresponding to the tone of the bride along.Attach it to the place of the glass transition in the leg.

Originally looks decoration with fresh flowers.Around the outer part fastened onto the goblet in several rows, whereby the glass is as if the inside of the flower.

Decoupage wedding glasses are also made with beads, lace and crystals.If you use beads or rhinestones, you have to fix them evenly across the surface, in this case, the decor will look advantageous due to reflections and splashes of champagne.

also design wedding glasses carried out with masking tape or stencil.On the surface of the glass around the stencil with a thin layer of glue and sprinkle a thick layer of sequins or beads.

no less prevalent and glass painting as a way to use decorating wine glasses.

This original technique perfectly combines with applique.Paint surface Fougeres better with acrylic paints because they are completely dry up easily washed off, making it easy to correct the admitted mistakes in the process of decorating.

use of stained glass lets make a wedding glasses almost a work of art design.Beautiful and elegant compositions can create both traditional patterns (rings, hearts, flowers), and of the intricate patterns and ornaments.

Decorating wedding glasses with their hands gives everyone a great opportunity to demonstrate their own inexhaustible imagination.

If someone fails to decorate these important components of the solemn ceremony the young alone, their design is always available from the appropriate specialist.