Russian Entrepreneurship has a special, long-suffering history, it remembers the times of dawn and periods of complete oblivion.At the moment, we are on a long path of development of the "cave pillars" of the 80s, the "hot revolutionary time" 90 to two-thousand years, signifies the development of the sphere of entrepreneurship in a more civilized way.Recently, the Russian businessmen acquired their professional holiday - the Day of the entrepreneur is, which is celebrated annually on 26 May.Despite the relative progress that still occurred after the removal of the state economy of Soviet Russia, in comparison with the entrepreneurs of the West (Europe and USA), our businessmen are like pioneers, the fate of which constantly checks the strength of the spirit.

If you convert the development of entrepreneurship in Russia numbers, we get the following: at the moment in production work only 4%, financial activities occupied 3% of entrepreneurs, and the lion's share, 93%, falls on trade.Of course, buying

and reselling is much easier than to engage in research, innovation, technological development, but is at the same time a true career in business?Trade, rather, can be called the word "business", while business - it is something more creative, art, if I may say so.But art is not just to make money and be innovative, to do something better than anyone else, inscribing his name in history.How to name the activities that are Russian businessmen, debatable.But this holiday, the Day of the entrepreneur in Russia is already there.

Why Russian citizens so diligently go to the beaten path, not wanting to discover your own way to freedom is unknown.Perhaps the cause is the difficulties arising in the way of business development.According to numerous sociological and journalistic surveys among businesses, one in six of them have problems with the development of the enterprise due to the opening pressure of the local authorities.Numerous associations and unions of entrepreneurs, brings together not only on the Day of the entrepreneur, allow people to help each other, to provide information, legal support and actively communicating with each other, to develop economic relations.

In 2013, the Russian Business Week is dedicated to this holiday as the Day of the entrepreneur.The planned grand event held in no less significant places.For example, a round table dedicated to the issues of intellectual property in Russia, held April 10, 2013, was held in one of the classrooms of the building of the State Duma;prospects for the development of entrepreneurship among young people discussed the building of the Moscow region.On most of the planned activities can speak in the past tense, all the meetings were equally informative and productive.However, the best is yet to come, and this is not the day of the Russian businessman.We are talking about the various exhibitions, forums and round tables.Russian Business Week will end on May 26 in the Day of the entrepreneur, who will celebrate with a special scale.

This broad and close cooperation with the authorities still gives hope that our country will be created ideal conditions for the development of entrepreneurship, which is not limited to trade, and Russia finally show the world the greatness of its people.