Police Day and the Day of the tax police - important holidays in public life

Every year, November 10 is marked such a wonderful holiday, the Day of employees of internal affairs of Russia, or, to put it simply, the Day of Police.This important date is an excellent occasion to express deep appreciation and gratitude to the representatives of the profession - real patriots and professionals.Another important holiday - the day of the tax police.He was appointed on March 18 and has been celebrated for 13 years.Tell us about these important events in more detail.

November 1917 was a month of the adoption of the all-Russian resolution, which was based on the formation of a special commission to establish the police.A few days later on the streets began to appear first patrols designed to monitor the peace and order in certain areas.Date November 10 became a kind of birthday of Russian police.Its importance is underscored by the fact that the security service of the order has arisen during Peter I and was known as the Greek word "police", literally means "government of the state."In

the Soviet period, the holiday is celebrated every year on November 10 and was called "The Day of the militia."On this day we held a variety of celebrations, and the date itself was considered a particularly revered.

After renaming the authorities of what happened in 2011, the festival began to carry the name of the "Day of the Police".This solemn event many members of the profession have to meet in the workplace, while remaining on duty and performing their daily duties, aimed at providing assistance to the population.So, taking the many wishes and congratulations to the Day of Police, they valiantly continue to perform their professional duties.These people are constantly at risk of their precious health and even their lives, deserve attention and kind words.

However it was amazing, but the Day of Police in Russia is not alone.Do not forget about the special service designed to combat tax crimes and violations.Tax Police Day was officially established by Presidential Decree of 16 March 2000 and became a recognition of the serious value of the tax police in the life of the state.But this division is one of the youngest!Its foundations were laid in 1991 due to a sharp rise in crime - that this was a year of the establishment of the State Tax Service, and now - the Ministry of Taxes and Duties.During the nine years of hard work this unit failed to prove its viability and effectiveness in the fight against economic crime, and so was established the second day of police (this time - tax).March 18 to celebrate the holiday.

So Police Day, including tax, can be called a holiday almost a national scale, because without these units the lives of people in our country would not be so calm and measured.As much as we sometimes abused our police can not admit the obvious fact - her work is primarily aimed at ensuring our own security.