How to celebrate the name day of Mary?

addition birthday, in life there are birthday party.This celebration comes from the Christian tradition.This day of remembrance of the saint, in honor of the name given to the child.Earlier in Russia called each child in accordance with the calendar.This book includes all Orthodox holidays.Family can choose any name, but most stayed on the holy day of commemoration coincides with the day of the appearance of a baby into the world.Modern society is secular.So many people do not celebrate birthday party, celebrating the birthday only.

celebrate or not - a private matter.But with the revival of Orthodoxy more and more people are returning to faith.Thus, the name day of Mary dedicated to St. Mary Magdalene.According to the Bible, she led a sinful life.Jesus healed her, and she became his faithful disciple.She and the other apostles followed his teacher.It was Mary Magdalene saw Him crucified, and that she followed him to the funeral.The next day, she saw the resurrection of Jesus.Then she went to preach i

n the country, announcing the great miracle.

Hebrew version of the name Mary - Miriam.Translates it as "sad", "bitter".But despite this, the girl called the same name, friendly and sociable, like its peers.On the way the German version of the name sounds like "Marie" in English - "Mary", and on the Hungarian - "Marika".

Name day Maria or another person - a holiday as a birthday party.Parents in their child's name day is useful to talk about the saint's life, why it was built in such a rank.You can read excerpts from the Bible.In Russia, there were special tradition of celebrating the name day.All guests of the day an angel sent out cakes.The one who carried them, bowed and said: "The birthday cakes ordered to bow down and asked to eat bread."Godparents as a sign of special respect sent sweet cakes.It is noteworthy that in some cities dispatched buns to a birthday party.Maria evening at the celebration crumbled crumbled cake.It was believed that it attracts good fortune.

In today's world, the name day of Mary can be held under the same scenario.It should be borne in mind that, according to tradition, it should be cooked pies, not cakes.They can be filled with any - of meat, potatoes, mushrooms, fish and so forth.Also on this day to give gifts to the birthday.

Gift of Mary at the party may be different.For example, different sweets, candies, chocolates.You can hand over an icon or a cross.The church shop can pick up a lot of different objects: holy water receptacles, beautiful candles, shelves for icons and so on.The main thing is to choose a gift from the heart.

not necessary to give a gift to a birthday party of Mary from the church.You can select a disc with recordings of Orthodox songs or themed movie.On this day, the main thing - not a present value and attention.As a rule, this holiday inviting only relatives and close friends.If a family birthday - a believer, you should not forget the name-day of the Orthodox side.Before the day an angel person needs communion and confession.If the name day fell on a fast day, it is better to postpone the celebration.