The sketches can help parents of children

Young parents today and have always been tormented the same problem.This problem has two interrelated planes: 1) what to do with the child, so as not to interfere with doing household chores and relax, and 2) how to do it, so he did not feel abandoned and unloved with all the attendant psychological problems.For even the wisest Solomon used to say, "The rod and reproof give wisdom;but a child left to himself brings shame to his mother. "The rod - not our method, but if look around friends and acquaintances are sure to find a family where children are punishable physically attached to their parents than in those families where flogging is excluded as a vice education.But it's not about that.The thing is that my parents left the children will inevitably one day will "shame to his mother."

So between chores and children need to look good for children.This not to the detriment of the business.Did you try to use as a means to achieve this goal scenes for children?This means not invented today or even yeste

rday.Well it is because it does not require any expensive and time consuming, develops imagination, creative thought of the child and the parent, brings one to the other, to better understand one another, and vice versa.And a lot more plus some simple action called "scenes for the children."

begin to teach my child to this game better right from the cradle.Primitive, but very useful scene of children is compatible with gymnastics.To do with the crumbs gymnastics, call all movements: "It gusenichka creeps.Oh, how we gusenichka, "" Butterfly wings waving.What a beautiful butterfly, she is able to swing wings "," sapling grows higher and higher.And now a breeze rustles the tree. "And almost does not matter that some traffic does not resemble what is called the mother, so even better: we do not allow stereotypes to master the thinking of our child.

When it's a difficult period associated with the fact that the child got to his feet and got a much more spatial freedom than before, and expanding opportunity for dramatization.It may be scenes for children in the form of puppet theater.Viewers do not need, then all participants.For example, it would be useful at this age fingerling theater.Come up with skits, funny for children of this age, not so difficult.Let the baby clinging to her mother's fingers, "dressed" in dolls, and her mother explains, emotional and colorful, what he was doing: "Vanya wants to meet with Tosha.- Hello, Tosha, - says Vanya.- Aw-aw - meets Tosh. "

this story with an acquaintance Vanya Toshi and can be repeated without kompleksuya about the fact that nothing else is thought out, and that, we think it's not so funny, a thousand times.This is not scary-year-olds like reruns, they are approved as a person is in the repetition of a particular action.

you see it, when after six months - a year he will force you to do the same thing a thousand times.In two or three years of your scripts theater miniatures may have life much more detailed.If mom or dad do not have a creative forces to yourself to think of something (though it's easy - just remember what happened today during a walk, for example, and add to that a little color), then at their disposal creative children's writers.And not just children.Excellent fakes, for example, nearly forgotten this generation of Mayakovsky's poem "What is good and what is bad."

Better yet, what is "good" and what is "bad" explains the Bible.There is that dramatized.In three years, children are able to assess the deed.First, with hints of parents and then yourself.Better Bible no book teaches thoughtful treat motives of human behavior.Later, when the child has to learn how to meditate, it will be easier to choose between "good" and "bad."Not to mention the fact that the evenings spent with family, games and skits for children - it is priceless in quantity and quality time happiness.