Choosing children's raincoat or an umbrella?

in rainy autumn days, taking the child out of kindergarten and thinking about what will rain or not, do not want to take an umbrella.After all, it is bulky, uncomfortable and not always placed in the bag and is the subject, which is often lost.To avoid your child was soaked, comes to help children raincoat.After all, the baby, and so fond of walking!Watching puddles, slush, drizzle interesting to every child.In this case, an important task for parents - taking care of special clothing suitable gay tomboy on the "wet" walks.

slicker plus side is that it is easily wiped and quickly dries.Active child does not need an umbrella, because he likes to walk so that his hands were free, and jump in puddles without an umbrella is more convenient.Children raincoat takes up little space, is easy to parents to take him for a walk, if necessary, such a thing can be gently roll.On the advantages of such protection from the rain are not exhausted.A small child could hardly hold a heavy umbrella (the way of even small

size) in the hands, especially if the road to the destination takes a long time.From the edge of the umbrella falling raindrops because of this clothing may get wet.If it's a downpour, this problem is exacerbated because the significant difference is not noticeable, except that the baby's head will remain dry.In such cases, children raincoat with a hood, full harboring the child from the weather, it can be very useful.

dwell on the types of children's raincoats.By tailoring they are different: coverall raincoat, rain poncho, raincoat, raincoat, rain-jacket.All of them can have a hood that protects the head and face of a child from the weather.Cloak will become an assistant for active, mobile children.It is ideal for older preschoolers or younger students.The jacket is often combined with waterproof trousers.Such clothing is more suitable for boys.Overalls are comfortable for girls.And jackets, overalls and rubber sleeves feature that does not allow to get wet inner layer of clothing.Children raincoat poncho is suitable for quiet walking, it has a free cutting.

Children's raincoats are usually presented in bright colors, they are often depicted favorite characters from cartoons.Boys suit Mickey Mouse, Spiderman, wheelbarrows.Girls - Luntik, Fairies, Disney Princess, and decorated with flowers, butterflies ... The tone can pick up rubber boots.

Children raincoat can be made from various materials.For example, nylon unlined or lined with thin cotton.However, from heavy rain he did not save.Raincoat PVC has a soft polyester lining.After a walk is enough to wipe the product with a damp cloth and dry.Products from rubber membranes and tissues do not absorb water, they are practical and durable.

Depending on the season, there are differences when buying children's raincoat.In the summer it is advisable to buy bezpodkladochnye nylon or rubber products.In spring and autumn season of suitable rainwear waterproof material with fleece lining, c / b, polyester.In winter, waterproof products sometimes have two layers with insulation in between.

It should be remembered that to children's raincoats meet certain requirements: they should not hamper the movements, the fabric should choose non-rigid, waterproof, the seams must not only be stitched and sealed (in the models PVC) or glued (in membrane and nylontissues).For example, children's raincoat "Kidorable" (Russian-made) meets all these requirements.Moreover, these products are bright, interesting and will impress any child.