Blue stockings - it's stylish!

Probably every woman's wardrobe items familiar to those who most successfully affect the male unconscious.That they include stockings, they even called "secret weapon against men."In truth, they justify such a name, because the guys really prefer to see on your Pass stockings rather than tights.However, if the earlier difference what color they will be practically non-existent, but now there is a "color" trend.

example, relevant today bluestocking, whose photos can be seen in all the fashion magazines and brand.Color, of course, a rather extravagant and even a little unclear why it has gained such wide popularity.However, the fact remains that tone this season is clearly in vogue.Now we will tell you about when and where there was a fashion for blue stockings, with nothing better to combine them and how to wear it.

Ironically, she went from the USSR.Of course, among the colors there was no diversity of today and were in fashion just beige, but even they enjoyed enormous popularity.Why such a tone

?Because it is more reminiscent of a tan.Girls in blue stockings appeared much later, and at the time was very beige and strict manners.In addition to the pastel tones in the shops you can find such products of silver, and even black.Classical also considered two models of stocking: transparent and body with a vertical stripe behind.The latter option is for some reason called "French", and it even had a certain fashion among the huge number of young girls.When the Soviet Union collapsed, dropping in "free flight" many states, this trend began to change gradually.First of all there were fishnet stockings.Even if initially they were considered a lot of "moths", but they gradually gained its popularity.In stores began to appear more sexy models in different colors.First, red and yellow hues, then appeared and blue stockings.As usual, the people immediately christened their wanton dress for the Emancipation of the ladies, for a long time, women did not dare to put them out of fear of public opinion.But it was in the past, and even today, many women prefer to wear it blue stockings, especially if they combine well with the clothes.

trace the development of these products, shall now is what to wear.Since stockings - sexy enough of the female wardrobe, wear them with trousers, jeans and shorts is considered bad manners.The best option, where you can afford to put on a blue stockings, a cocktail dress.However, even in this case it is necessary to carefully select and monitor so that the whole image was harmonious in color.It is useful to recall the season wearing them.The girls, despite the fact that blue stockings are very beautiful, wear it in winter or in the rain is not recommended if you do not want to spoil your female health.