Feminine and stylish: sundress, dress and accessories to them

If some 5 years ago, women wore polls pants and jeans, but now each has in the wardrobe sundress, dress or a long skirt.To select the model should be guided not only by the comfortable dress or not, and peering into the fashion trends.So what are the dresses in fashion this season?

1. In a fashion back long skirt, sundress, dress.Skirts to the floor look very feminine.The trend pleated skirt and with floors of different lengths.Everything is new - well forgotten old model 60-70s returned.Pleated skirt flared up again mid-calf are very popular.These dresses look good in combination with a feminine retro hairstyle.However pleated skirt need not be long.This discovery in 2013 - one-piece dress pleated short.

These summer dresses, sundresses 2013 photos which can be found in fashion magazines, go well with delicate sandals high thin heel.

In the trend summer dresses without straps or strap over one shoulder.Sleudet a cautious approach to the selection of models.Quality strapless sundress should not go

down.You must also ensure that it is not too over-tighten, especially in problem areas.

2. In vogue with a narrow skirt and free riding.Shape "bat" is well suited to girls with some imperfections figures.Such clothing is perfect for parties, and for work.You can pick up a tunic, dress, sundress.2013 allows you to experiment with accessories.These models can be decorated with large rhinestones, buckles, beads, etc.

3. As colors are no limitations.As always relevant classics - a white sundress, dress pastel suit everyone.White summer dress is especially beautiful because the reflected rays of the sun.Also relevant in this season, colorful, colorful patterns.Perhaps the most innovative combinations.These dresses are ideal for going to the beach, walking in the park, get-togethers in a summer cafe.As ever popular yellow - the color of the summer, pleasing the eye.Bright yellow dress suit brunettes, but pale yellow will look good on blondes.Especially beautiful the color is combined with tanned skin.

What can be put on a sundress / dress in 2013?

short tunics and dresses stylists recommend putting on a jacket.And it is possible to combine a thin summer dress with a denim jacket.Such addition should pick up rough sandals with leather straps and proper bag-style casual.

recommend wearing long dresses with light clogs or slates through the finger, of course, if we are not talking about the evening dresses.

If you decide to wear a long dress, you should take care of the hairstyles and accessories.Beach long dresses look good with her hair adorned with flowers.By the color dress you can pick up light bracelets and earrings that will give the image of a certain playfulness.Elegant Evening Dresses need to be supplemented by large earrings with stones.The same can be said about the hair.The collected hair, decorated with large bobby pins with crystals and stones, will harmonize perfectly with a long dress.