What are the Reebok EasyTone sneakers

Today, in their desire to have a beautiful tightened figure most women resort to various methods.And different manufacturers are trying in every way to help them in this.For example, recently one of the leading companies in the production of sportswear and shoes, Reebok, released a special Reebok EasyTone sneakers.In a statement, the company provided information on the products that will help women tighten the gluteal muscles.Let's try to figure out on their own, how does this mechanism work, and whether it has generally a positive effect.

to understand the mechanism of shoes

According to experts, Reebok EasyTone shoes are forced to work the gluteal muscles, thus burning excess fat and removing cellulite.If we talk about the percentage ratio, it is up to 28%.In addition, this kind of sports shoes stimulates the calves and thighs, as well as giving excellent load on the body.What is the secret of this kind of shoes?The answer is found in the use of balancing pads.It was at their expense Reebok Easy

Tone shoes have a cushion.A corresponding load on the muscles is due to the fact that the air is constantly moving.In order to describe the principle of operation of the sport shoes, we can say that it's just a little hard to walk that makes all your muscles to strain and work.So those who do not have time to visit gyms, but it wants to look more toned figure, it is recommended to wear Reebok EasyTone sneakers.

should also take into account the fact that engaged in active sports such shoes are not recommended, as the reason, again, is an unstable sole.In order to prove the suitability of, and most importantly - the effectiveness of these shoes, there have been a large number of experiments.According to the company Reebok, all women, who voluntarily took part in these studies had a high enough performance muscle located on the buttocks and on the thighs.Notes to sneakers this was that after prolonged wearing may sort addictive muscle to such load, which means that the effect is substantially reduced.

Another look at shoes Reebok

No matter how touted Reebok EasyTone sneakers, yet there are those who have something to say against it, namely the US Federal Trade Commission.According to the results of its audit found that there was no effect, described in the company statement, such athletic shoes are not allowed.Just a note: sneakers Reebok EasyTone, price which is quite high, were sold for an amount equal to five billion dollars.According to representatives of the Commission, this type of shoe can not be classified as innovative, and the effect produced by such sports shoes can also be achieved using any other shoes.Do not wait for them super result.They will be an excellent addition to your sports wardrobe, but nothing more.