Sundresses from scarves - bright hot summer outfit

What woman does not want to look attractive?And you always want to wear only exclusive things that others do not.However, not all ladies can not afford the luxury - buying dresses from designers.Although there is always a way out, one has only to look into the closets of old, outmoded things.For example, of the old grandmother's handkerchiefs can make stunning, bright summer sundresses.

Light and elegant sundresses of headscarves are still the most popular clothing for summer.Models are short and to the floor, with lush skirts, straight or high-waisted, comfortable and comfortable in the summer heat.They are original, elegant, air and thus beneficial to hide all the flaws of the figure.

In addition, there is one more reason to choose sundresses of handkerchiefs: this outfit you can easily make your own hands.And not necessarily have the skills of sewing.A little imagination, a couple of simple movements - the original and the new outfit ready!Bright models look quite impressive, but they will be re

ady in just one hour, without any patterns.

The whole secret of the fact that such a sundress sewn two scarves!Pattern is very simple, so is right on the fabric.How to sew a sundress?To do this:

• Two handkerchief desired width;

• string matching shawl;

• tape or elastic Drawstring;

• sewing machine and scissors.

Step 1. Two handkerchief add up face to face so as to coincide equity thread.Cut off from them at 6 cm fabric on one side straps.It is possible to take the webbing straps matching sundresses.The length of the side of the handkerchief will long dress.Therefore, based on the desired model, you can sew sundresses from scarves with dimensions between 0.8 and 1.2 meters.

Step 2. With a handkerchief to her, mark the location for the cut on his chest.Shawls from the tag grind down - it Sredina forehand.

Step 3. Putting on the back ends of a scarf, wrapped them figure.Depending on the desire to make cuts on the back.Shear handkerchiefs or slightly deeper or slightly above - it's the middle of the back.Step 4.

allowances to buckle back and neckline, and nastrachivaem.

Step 5. Under the chest, a little above the waist, nastrachivaem reverse side rubber zigzag streak, contractible elastic to the desired tension and fasten the ends of its line.

Step 6. corners sew prearranged straps.You can cross them on the back and a hem at the back neckline.And yet - a trendy and original outfit ready!

Sundresses from scarves, photos of which are presented in this article are sewn in different ways.They are fairly simple to execute, but they are fascinating game Garter colors.For sewing silk fabric generally chosen - it looks elegant.But we can take and other light fabrics, such as cotton, chiffon.

Original sundresses of shawls are appropriate in any situation.They can be worn for a stroll along the sea to attract the views of others.They can feel at ease, confident and freely in an environment cozy restaurant.This outfit will emphasize the individuality of every woman, her femininity and elegance at the same time make it a mysterious and enigmatic.If

complement new sundress interesting belt or textile beads cheerful woman with its magnificence is able to conquer the world in it.