Why is the dog howling?

Dogs are distant cousins ​​of wolves.They have a lot in common, though, and in folklore and everyday life among these two species is a constant confrontation.But similar features are present in the external appearance of these animals, and habits.So, for example, as any decent wolf representative domestic dogs sometimes likes to howl.Why is the dog howling?

Many people associate howling with some mystical powers, they say, it's not good.It portends death or trouble.The reasons for these statements lie all in the same kinship with wolves.The fact is that for many of our ancestors gray predators were one of the most serious evils: they killed the cattle, poultry, and hungry winter and did not shun people.Because howling, handed out far from human habitation, could not stand for something good - it means only the proximity of the enemy.Subsequently, the same sign of spread to a dog howling, though probably associate the reasons why the dog howls with adversity could not on a scientific basis to any of sc

ientists and dog trainers.

But in terms of features of canine psychology, explanations for this phenomenon may be a few.So, why the dog howls?

The very first reason for this behavior lies in the lack of communication.His howling like wolves, dogs indicate its location and the desire to find his flock.Such signals are a kind of way to communicate between members of the species, and therefore it is not surprising that if the street is one dog howl, then to him immediately joined by the relatives surrounding him, filling the melodious or not barking the whole district.Such is the dog Forum happens in the end.

Yet why dogs howl?The reason for this may come from the first need - communication.It was his fault and provokes a melancholy howl.And it is not necessary that the dog is missing relatives - it may well be longing for the owner, who, for example, went to work.And also can be a signal of joy over his return.

Like many people, dogs are very sensitive to the lunar cycle, weather changes and future storms, winds, earthquakes.They often perceive the moon as the sun due to black-and-white view, and believe that it is a threat to them - that's the reason why the dog howls at night.

also use howling dog can express physical pain when he fell ill.If other reasons are not suitable, perhaps the whole thing in hunger and cold.

Well, another reason why the dog howls - she can sing along to the music, to hear the car alarm or a similar sound.Often accompanied by a howling dog loved by the melody, as if the music or sound he does not like, he just try to leave.

So dog howling - is often just entertainment and a way to talk to your pet.You should not give it much importance, if you believe that the dog is healthy, does not feel hunger or cold.Better to play with him or go for a walk, to distract from the favorite howls that may not like your family or neighbors.