Pets: budgies - the maintenance and care

If you decide to buy such birds as budgies, maintenance and care should not scare you.There is nothing complicated, just need to learn some of the rules that help make life comfortable favorite.First of all, we should choose the appropriate cell.Its size depends on the size of a parrot, and the number of birds.In any case, inside a cell pet should not be crowded, and it must be able to spread its wings.

course, pay attention to the material from which the manufactured home for the pet.It is advisable to choose a cage of steel rods covered with a special protective.Brass and wood products is better not to buy.If you will live budgies, maintenance and care of the cells include the appropriate equipment.For example, it should be a small tank and the water feed (their arrangement should be convenient), multiple beams, to the bird could sit on them.Moreover, the cell must establish a swing ring (better to place them at the center).

If you have settled budgies, maintenance and care suggest the presence o

f a small bath, where he could swim.For this fit of porcelain or plastic container.Watch out for the quality and purity of water in the bath and drinkers.Daily change it.Food, too, must not stagnate.Try to put the cage wall, so that the birds had the opportunity to hide if she was suddenly afraid of something.

If you wound up budgies, maintenance and care require the organization of optimal lighting and temperature conditions in the room.It should strictly observe the regime moments.If necessary, you need to include additional lighting.And in order that the bird was healthy and had a sharp vision, it is necessary to allow a full sleep.For this summer, you must cover the cage at night to the morning light does not wake pet prematurely.It is also very important to him are the ultraviolet rays.

Wavy parrots live in the home long enough for them if the appropriate conditions.For example, the humidity in the room should be within 50-70%.As regards the temperature, it is sufficient for the birds 22-25 degrees.Pet not tolerate too hot air.

most popular pet today is wavy parrot.Fodder for him to be rich in vitamins and minerals that will help him stay in shape and be healthy.Bird helpful to eat sprouted grains, which contain vitamin E and B. The parrot likes to nibble on vegetables and green tops.Do not forget about the cereal: oat, pea and buckwheat.The fact that the digestion of these products parrot becomes better.However, porridge from cereals should be boiled properly, that is, without the addition of sugar, salt and any fat.

important part of the diet is a specialized pet food, which includes different kinds of crushed grains, enriched with vitamins and minerals.When buying, choose only high-quality products and pay attention to the term of their validity.

If the bird ill, urgently need to contact your veterinarian to prevent diseases develop.