Snails Grape at home: features content

snail has long been considered a delicacy.Especially like to use it in food and other French gourmets.However, not everyone knows how easy the content of grape snails at home.Naturally, it is necessary to create a certain climate to live animals presented.However, any special items or expensive equipment you do not need.

First, you need to take care of the place where they will live your pets.For this you need a certain size terrarium.Dimensions of the container depends on the number of farmed snails.The main thing - it should be closed, as these animals crawling on the walls of the well and can just run away from your own home.Grape snails are grown at home simply and quickly.

height of the cage should be at least 50 cm. For the care you need to purchase a conventional manual spray.Also take care of the tanks, which will be water and food.The liquid should always be fresh.We can not allow the water in the tank end.Snails Grape at home are growing well.To them it was for something to crawl, you can

further decorate the container with moss or any wooden driftwood.At the bottom of the cage should be a special substrate or coconut filling.Its thickness should not be large (about 5 cm).

To snail vine at home feel cozy, you need to constantly moisturize the soil.Additional lighting needs to be done.But the temperature should be at least 20 degrees.Periodically, all containers should be washed and cleaned.With regard to the soil, then it needs to be changed every six months.

snail at home feeding products such as vegetables, fruit, salad, dandelion leaves and clover.They can even eat grass, intended for cats.It should be noted that these animals are very susceptible to infection with parasites, so all food must be well washed.In addition, be sure to observe a certain diet.For example, adult snails can be given food once every 3 days, and the young growing individuals need daily dressing.Leftover food should be removed from the terrarium.In addition to conventional products, homemade grape snails need special supplements containing calcium.If the store you buy them can not just grind eggshells.Naturally, it must be pre-treated.

As for breeding of snails, then there could be quite simple.The main thing - to choose healthy individuals for mating.Naturally, it is better to buy in the pet store.If all the necessary conditions for them, the more you can just watch how your terrarium ulitochki appear small, as they multiply.The complete cycle of the growth of these animals is 2 years.

's all features of the content of snails.Good luck!