The company's products "Revlon Colorstay"

founded the company "Revlon Colorstay" Charles Revson and chemist Lanchman in 1932 in the United States, and their first product was the matte nail polish, which was implemented only in beauty salons.According to legend, the founder of Revson once had lunch in the cafe at the next table, he noticed a lady who has lipstick and nail polish were different hue.Charles categorically did not like this combination, he conceived the idea to release a fix lipstick and nail one color scale.Already in the 30s the company began to produce a variety of shades of these products.

Cosmetic direction " Revlon Colorstay"

For over 70 years, this company is one of the largest and most popular cosmetic empires throughout the world.More than 22 production facilities located throughout the world.For the manufacture of cosmetic products using only quality components, and all the products before issuing passes strict quality control in the best laboratories Revlon Colorstay Foundation.

This company has created the

first waterproof mascara, strong hold hairspray and tone emulsion for the face.In Russia, the cosmetics of the brand was first introduced in the early 90s, she immediately gained worldwide attention for women.The company offers its fans a unique high quality product at an affordable cost.Even celebrities have begun to use means "Revlon Colorstay".

Products brand

undisputed market leader is proof foundation that is easy to bear, leaves no greasy residue and looks natural.According to the manufacturer, toners held on the skin up to 16 hours.Due to the presence of silicone, concealer hides roughness, minor defects of the skin and creates a smooth and soft surface.After applying means skin looks fresh, young and radiant.It also contains SPF 15 - Sun Protection Factor, which prevents ultraviolet light from entering.

Funds lip

Lipsticks and glosses "Revlon Colorstay" also distinguished extraordinary perseverance and varied palette.Feedback from buyers is a real find for fashionistas vehicle kept on the lips all day and does not leave traces on clothes - it's a great option for special events and weddings.The main advantage of lipsticks and glosses are as follows: they are visually create a surround effect, giving lips a glossy shine and smoothness.

all day lipstick / gloss does not spread, good moisturizes and softens the lips, and does not cause clumping effect.During its development using innovative technologies (photoaging), thereby creating an instant and intense color.

series of hair care

unique in its composition and means for hair.Even professional stylists with respect for paints, lacquers, shampoos, masks, conditioners and emulsions company.Special demand "Hydro Nutritive".All cosmetic beneficial effect not only on the hair, but also on the scalp, strengthening the hair follicles and preventing hair loss.

innovative mascara

must pay tribute to the magnificent genius with mascara brush that extends and separates lashes and gives additional volume and high precision thickening.High-quality brush switches to several provisions ensuring uniform staining each cilium.

Exclusive shade

Formula "ColorStay", contained in the shadows, prevents irritation, does not allow the product to slide, fade.There is a rich variety of shades for every age group.Shadows can be applied even when using contact lenses, they do not cause discomfort and burning sensation in the eyes, as tested by ophthalmologists.

All cosmetics "Revlon" certified, is composed only proven ingredients that protect the skin from adverse environmental conditions.