Religious and infernal in the performance of "Givenchy": perfume "Ange ou Demon"

According renowned perfumers, "Ange ou Demon" is the best achievement of the house "Givenchy".On receipt of this fragrance on the shelves in 2006, the demand for it does not fall to this day.What makes this song so popular?Stylish bottle of frozen tears?Star names of the authors or just a name?We can not accept that the name of the spirits is very well chosen: in each person combines heavenly, angelic quality to the demonic.In someone they fight someone - peacefully coexist.

Because of this duality of human nature perfume "Ange ou Demon" fit everyone.Authors perfume - JPBetuar and O. Crespo - and this time fully justified his reputation stars.No wonder they were working in the homes of Moschino, Kenzo and Versace - Givenchy, they also did not disappoint.His contribution to the popularity of spirits made and designer Serge Manso, who invented the original form of the bottle.But the major share of public attention provided a composition eldest daughter Dominique de Velp, a senior official of France.Ho

wever, the house Givenchy did not realize how lucky they sailed up in the face of the modest 20-year-old girl named Marie Steyss.

Outlining the presentation of the new fragrance for 2006, the trading house began to look for a person to "Ange ou Demon".In casting was selected, said Mari, and only after she was photographed for posters in the form of an angel and a demon, employers know her real name.This only gives a small intrigue spirits more popularity.In the wake of the success of "Givenchy" released a variation on the theme of "Angels & DemonsĀ»: "Le Secret" (2006), "Tendre" (2007) and "Diamantissime" (2009).In fact, in all the variants retained the main theme of the composition, except that the "Tendre" is a lightweight version.

Marketing Secrets and skillful promotion means a great deal, but they would not do "Ange ou Demon" aroma number 1 for many years, if not for the amazing smell of perfume.The composition with certainty can be attributed to the class flower, somewhat sweet flavors.But lovers of cold or woody notes should not be like that once unconditionally reject spirits.In winter, they are revealed in a special way.They are appropriate to apply before you go to a party or a romantic date.The basis of the composition are vanilla, oak and rosewood.Against this background, a deep sound of the heart note of ylang-ylang, lily and delicate orchid.A complete track "spice": saffron and white thyme, relaxed scent of Calabrian mandarin.

In 2010, the house "Givenchy" presented a gift to fans of chypre fragrances and released "Ange au Demon d'Hiver Santal".One title of "tuning", "Angels and Demons" you can guess that the dominant note sounded here sandalwood.Immediately after application to the skin can be heard distinctly stringy incense with a touch of cherry.Lovers of light and dynamic scents, do not worry, wait 10 minutes.The fragrance will be more fresh, "green" and yet remain the same mysterious, bewitching, sweet as a diabolical temptation.The loop smell of lily - a symbol of angelic innocence, among other things.

Now "Angel Demon", in addition to the different variations of the basic flavor, available in different perfumes: own perfume, eau de toilette, eau de parfum and even shower gel, body lotion and deodorant spray.This fragrance store unwavering loyalty to the actress Cameron Diaz and singer Madonna, and their image does not imply that these divas are "heavy" and sugary perfume.On the contrary, "Angels and Demons" is peculiar to elegant, pure French style and gentility, and at the same time, some unpredictability and playfulness.