Chanel Egoist: Select macho power

fashion house Chanel adored not only women, but he not only makes it elegant gifts in the face of flavors "Mademoiselle" or complex composition № 5. Chanel Egoist - the clearest example of how the brand is taking care of a strong half of mankind.This fragrance entwined woody and floral notes, which allows the media to associate the smell with a refined gentleman, but not feminine, masculine, but not brutal.As befits egoist, this perfume is focused on myself and just how cool.The smell is not open giver, but rather narcissistic, enjoying.But not discreet to the point of secrecy.

Chanel Egoist was born in 1990, thanks to the famous perfumer Jacques Polzh.The author would like to create an image of purposeful men always reach their goals.That is the smell had to transfer talent, mental strength, power and prestige.The composition is dominated by woody-chypre note with the addition of spices.The first impression immediately makes you feel yourself in a luxurious office, among the leather furniture, expens

ive paintings, masses of ancient tomes and faint smoke expensive cigars.

But floral notes make it possible to see in the medium aroma Chanel Egoist sensitive and romantic nature.No, it's not a workaholic, korpyaschy at your desk - this man knows a lot about the beautiful and ... beautiful women.Rosemary and neroli, lavender and damask rose to give his head a sentimental nature, although tarragon, coriander, tobacco, sandalwood and amber are trying to hide this fact.It is only a kind of conservative, behind the mask of strict following the traditions of concealed lust for pleasure, adventurism and audacity to bet everything.

overture to the aroma of Chanel Egoist is a trio of mandarin coriander crust-mahogany.The main heart note serves spicy, "oriental" Choir of damask rose, cinnamon and cloves.Get over it a powerful solo sandalwood.No wonder the author once admitted that creating your favorite child, he drew inspiration from perfume Bois Noir de Chanel, released three years earlier.However, in "ebony" there is no such the charming trail of tobacco and sweet vanilla.

holy place is never empty, and a good solo generates a lot of extensions and variations.This rule applies to Chanel Egoiste: after the main fragrance in 1994 and there was a silver packaging, proudly bearing the name of Chanel Egoist Platinum.If the classic "Egoist" - only make a career man, his fellow platinum - it has already reached considerable heights in the ranking.Confident and powerful, somewhat blasé connoisseurs are not averse to try again (for the umpteenth time?) Sip fine wine and beautiful as a rose Woman.The aroma is simply mesmerizing its magnetism metal, platinum light.

The aroma Chanel Platinum Egoiste entwined great taste and luxury, strong will and business acumen, the aristocracy and success.If the money smelled like they'd just that perfume fragrance.Perfume burst open fresh rosemary and lavender, balanced Paraguayan petigrenom.But first impressions subside, clearly manifested Caucasian sage and bourbon geranium, which can not overshadow the cedar.The bottle is identical to the classic Egoist only silver cap gives a hint of the premium class.