Eau de parfum «Calvin Klein Euphoria» - fragrance of seduction

Eau de parfum «Calvin Klein Euphoria» is today considered one of the most sought after and popular products.After all these exotic perfume with oriental notes unsurpassed attract attention and give the image of fabulousness and sensuality.

way, spirits «Calvin Klein Euphoria» first appeared on the market in 2005.This product immediately attracted the attention of women from around the world - his popularity grew rapidly.A few months later, in 2006, this fragrance has become the owner of one of the most prestigious awards - "Fifi Awards" (in the category of "Luxe Fragrance").

Description spirits « Calvin Klein Euphoria »

In fact, this perfume water rightfully earned its fame.Perfume creators were able to produce an unsurpassed flavor that combines a variety of components, plunge into a pleasant feeling of euphoria.

«Calvin Klein Euphoria» - is a kind masterpiece that will give the appearance of a woman present charm.As the initial score is used spicy aromas of green, as well as pome

granate and Japanese persimmon.And after a few moments, you can enjoy the incomparable combination of scents of exotic black orchid and lotus flowers and campaka.As for the perfume base, it consists of notes of mahogany, amber and black violet.

«Calvin Klein Euphoria» - this is really rich, full-bodied flavor with unforgettable exotic notes, which will not only give confidence, but also demonstrate to others your uniqueness and taste great.

worth mentioning and very original bottle, which worked on the design of such talented professionals like Fabien Baron himself Calvin Klein.This perfume the water can not be confused with any other - identity is present in every detail.

Suitable for perfume « Calvin Klein Euphoria »?

Of course, the smell is not suitable for every woman and girl.Exotic oriental fragrance is designed to intrigue and seduce.Therefore, it will be a real ally of the confident, sensual and open to women, who like everyone's attention and admiration.

At the same time spicy notes of lotus and amber create an aura of mystery around the girl and mystery.In short, these spirits are great beauties those who yearn to attract looks and charming men.

« Calvin Klein Euphoria »: reviews

Reviews on this perfume water for the most part positive.Women celebrate a truly unique, rich and full-bodied flavor that allows you to be more confident in their own abilities.In addition, note and durability of spirits - the smell is noticeable, even after several hours (sometimes days).And, of course, marvel at the exquisite design of the bottle, which, moreover, ergonomic.

And although the price of this product is not so available, the aroma of the famous Calvin Klein is really worth the money spent.Women also say that enough perfume for a long time, since only a few drops of creating lasting, but unobtrusive fragrant trail.

Of course, not everyone likes such a sweet smell.But if you're a fan of spicy, oriental fragrance with exotic notes, the "Euphoria" by Calvin Klein will be a wonderful addition to your image.