Aroma "Aqua di Gio" by Armani fashion house

fresh men's fragrance from Giorgio Armani "Acqua di Gio men" - is an atmosphere of relaxation, comfort, combined with the Italian temperament.Gentle sea breezes, purity and freshness with unfading energy and romance.His high notes - a combination of bergamot and jasmine noble citrus cocktail.Mediterranean Flavors: cyclamen, wild freesia, coriander and nutmeg, ocean breeze, violet, mignonette, hyacinth, rose - constitute the heart of the composition.Loop notes "Acqua di Gio men" - a combination of cedar, oak moss, musk and patchouli.

Easy design keeps the bottle deeper meaning.Pale green frosted glass, rounded shape, the color of the metal cap in the style of high-tech speak about what he - a man "Aqua di Gio".

For his broad shoulders, bold and courageous actions hidden romantic nature.Such men kidnap women's hearts.If he will call for a date, it will be impossible ustoyat.Ved can rush off with him on a wonderful beach of the Mediterranean, to breathe fresh sea breeze, enjoy the sounds of the quiet

harbor and enjoy the gentle, warm feeling.
"Aqua di Gio" - the best perfume of the Italian fashion house.It belongs to the line of daily flavors, perfect for meetings, full of romance, as well as for the working environment of the office.This is the power and energy of the freshness and lightness of the sea breeze.Perfume is quite simple, but it has so much charm and sophistication.Year toilet water - 1996, since its success is not reduced.This fragrance perfumer Alberto Morillas house Armani embodies impressions of Gio (as friends call Giorgio) from an unforgettable time spent on the island of Pantelleria, which caress the waves of the Mediterranean Sea.

little before the publication of his pleased Armani perfume for the beautiful half of humanity "Aqua di Gio women".This is a classic floral composition with fruit patches created for women who are distinguished by their impeccable appearance and wish to draw attention.The first impression leaves a wonderful combination of vodka musk, peony, and pineapple, which is flavored sound violets and citrus tartness of lemon, there is also a sense of peach and banana notes.Expands flavor floral bouquet of freesia, jasmine, lily, spring lily of the valley, hyacinth, ylang-ylang.The deep notes of sandalwood and amber, resin and cedar in the warm smell of musk form the basis of the composition.It is the embodiment of elegance that brings harmony and leaves a fresh trail.

In 2012, the house Armani has released a new "Aqua di Gio", it became a men's fragrance "Essenza".It collected more sensual and intense composition.The formula "Aqua di Gio" in 1996 added more vivid colors.At the beginning notes of grapefruit and bergamot, as well as shades of fresh water.Fragrant jasmine, spicy basil, sage and spectacular floral molecules are the "heart" of the fragrance.Will you notes of patchouli, cedar, vetiver rich, amber, allspice and wine aroma clary sage.This bouquet opens as a strong point man, and his sensuality.

In his perfume creations, as well as clothing, fashion house Giorgio Armani is always chic style and minimalism.