Gel nail polish: the pros and cons

Gel nail polish is now quite popular.Using it regularly manicured hundreds of thousands of women worldwide.The main advantage of this nail is the following: it lasts several weeks without chipping.

Gel nail varnishes are applied using a special technology follows.First, nails covered with a thin layer of Bonder gel, which gives them a matte finish.For polymerisation the gel should be placed on the arm minute UV apparatus.Dispersion adhesive layer, which will be after the procedure on the nails, at this stage, is not removed.Then on top of it overlaps firming transparent gel and polymerization procedure is repeated for 30 seconds.

special brushes gel lacquer is applied to the nails on top of the dispersion layer.Then, the hand must still place for 3 minutes in a UV apparatus.The nails are covered by a transparent gel ultrazakreplyayuschim.For polymerisation

hand again placed for one minute in the UV-unit, a dispersion layer is removed (for example, means "Klinser Place").The coating becomes smooth

, shiny and smooth appearance.

Instead ultrazakreplyayuschego gel can be used a drug called "Reinforced fixer."With this tool does not require the use of UV machine and remove the dispersion layer, which greatly facilitates the work and saves time for the application of gel polish.

Nails are then covered with a special oil, it also massaged rubbed into the cuticle and okolonogtevogo surface.

However, with all the pros now dermatologists have begun to express concern that the gel nail harm nails, and even increases the risk of skin cancer.Such information appeared in The Daily Mail.The whole report on the results of studies was published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology

noteworthy that the gel varnishes reviews from fans get extremely positive.However, not everything is perfect as it might seem at first glance.In fact, except for beauty, this varnish can bring problems.Each layer of lacquer is fixed by means of a UV lamp, which exposure could lead to adverse effects.

UV rays can damage the skin cells.Therefore, all too often do not gel manicure is.Studies have shown that visitors of salons have no idea about what effect the rays on the skin.To minimize the negative effects, doctors recommend to hike to the salon to apply a thick layer of sunblock.This will reduce chemical exposure.

In addition, the systematic upgrading of the gel manicure nails begin to break down and exfoliate, because the damage they cause thinning of the structure and the fragility of the nail plate.It is still unknown what exactly causes brittleness - chemicals that contains a gel varnish, acetone or other components.

performing procedures to make secure, experts advise to do them at intervals of not less than six weeks, your nails can fully recover.