Hugo Boss: spirits stylish and elegant people

can say with certainty that the brand Hugo Boss - perfume, clothing and accessories - is synonymous with impeccable elegance.Aromas of fashion house combines classic sophistication and new trends.But you can not say that it is a simple or a spontaneous fusion of styles and directions, a sort of eclecticism in the perfume world.Each brand of products should be carefully calibrated and defined concept that helps its owner or possessor to create the desired image.

the first time Hugo Boss perfume released in 1993.A strict, restrained composition attracted the attention of the public, and now the firm often associated by many with cold classics.But do not jump to conclusions: for almost twenty years in the market perfumes fashion house has released several lines and can boast of the variety of flavors in its collection.The restrained, subdued and shy;intimate, chamber;bright, sensual, frank aphrodisiacs;romantic and delicate - these smells can be found in perfumes and toilet waters of the boss.

most striking products glorified Hugo Boss - spirits Woman (they are the same Red).Extremely feminine, but without vulgarity and obsessions, floral, but with a complex sound composition, the perfume is based on the unlikely component - the smell of passion.Echoes of citrus and violet in tandem with freesia and extracts other colors give the bearer of smell romance and lightness.And in the cold season will wrap woman or girl wave of oriental fragrances Femme.Almost at the same time, the fashion house has pleased and a strong half of humanity, releasing a courageous and passionate composition Hugo in Motion, as well as the winter version - Baldessarini.

Another "trick" by Hugo Boss - perfume for men and women, "sounding" in unison.Dark Blue - it's the male version of Deep Red;Also pay attention to the old couple - XY Summer (for him) and XX Summer (for her).Thus, in the collection at home, you can choose the fragrance Hugo not only for themselves but also for their partner, thus emphasizing their organic relationship and spiritual kinship.It is possible to find a song, not only meets your character, but also suitable for this time of year, and even to a certain mood: Hugo Men configures a man to great deeds and make Boss Pure relax and imagine yourself on the banks of the river lulling cool.

In 2009, the trading house introduced a new collection of youth clothing, which surprised their courage, honesty, dynamism.Full of passion, joy and openness issued specifically for clothing fragrances Hugo Boss.Perfume Boss Orange Woman in the face of the actress Sienna Miller are bohemian charm, temperament and innate charm.Orange very name is perfume - in fact in the basic composition combines the smells of orange blossom, peach, apple, vanilla and sandalwood, olive wood, plum and jasmine.All this mixture gives a strong musky, sweet flavor of the coveted woman with an independent and freedom-loving disposition.

Giving beautiful ladies, Hugo Boss did not forget about men: perfume Hugo Boss Orange Man - the fragrance of strong, self-confident gentleman.No wonder the face of the new composition was "elf Legolas' - the actor Orlando Bloom.This perfume combines warm fruity and woody notes.Next to this man every woman feel like a stone wall, in complete safety.Notes of oriental spices, incense and red apples create the image of a quiet force, almost paternal trusteeship.