Natural remedy for hair - a colorless henna.

Every woman from a young age is trying to follow up his hair, coming up with new images.First it braids tails and hairstyles, then they gradually turn into coloring, highlighting, and other treatments, from which the hair is pretty bad.Hair begin to break down over time, fade and even fall out.

To restore the hair after perming or coloring, as well as to prevent the seasonal loss, you can use a variety of cosmetics.Hair loss is perfectly help mask and balms, which include a colorless henna.Reviews of these preparations can be found in the publications that are dedicated to health and beauty, cosmetics and useful tips.

Many used henna, but not everyone knows what it is.In fact, the Iranian colorless Henna is a natural product of plant origin that is widely used in cosmetology.In addition to the beneficial effect on the hair and scalp (it is used for hair loss, dandruff, itching, allergies to cosmetics), it is also a good effect on the skin.There are a large number of masks for the face and body, whi

ch also includes a colorless henna.Reviews are written after the application of these funds, are talking about their effectiveness and accessibility (henna - inexpensive product, grown in sufficient quantities to meet the market).

use henna, and in its pure form (in powder form), based on it made sparing natural hair dye.By itself, henna gives hair copper-red hue, and in conjunction with other components can be prepared a variety of options ranging from red to brown and even black.For therapeutic purposes, using henna colorless, reviews about it, though, say that after the use of hair dye and then, even a henna is able to give a yellow tint blondes, so the owners of hair dyed bright colors it should be used with caution.

To strengthen the hair, you can just buy a colorless henna in a dry form (the cheapest option) at the pharmacy, make her own mask and apply on the hair before you wash your hair.There are many recipes for masks, which include colorless henna, reviews after their application can be read normally immediately after the very recipe.Some simply make it an "slurry", diluting with warm water and used as a mask.

However, henna and have a couple of drawbacks (without them, probably no money).Besides the fact that its use can affect the hair color at coloring (or dyeing), henna very badly washed out as a pellet plant.Sometimes it just has to comb in the shower, especially owners of long hair.But for a strong luxurious head of hair you can spend the extra 10-15 minutes in the shower.By the same procedure is sufficient to perform once a week (or two times a month).

turns out that most of the problems associated with hair loss, perfectly solves the simple colorless henna - reviews speak for themselves.But blondes to henna (even colorless) to better take care to check beforehand whether it will leave some shade on the hair (though owners of blond hair have to be cautious with any means, able to leave the memory in the form of unwanted color).