Set of cosmetics or means for experiments

can say that women have a desire to experiment with their looks and style in the blood.If hair is more difficult in this case, the make-up can be changed at least three times a day.His skillful execution can easily turn a romantic lady in the vamp, it does not matter what she is wearing.Make-up under the force of a lot!It is therefore important to know what the basic set of cosmetics should be in every woman.

1. Day Cream makeup differs mild non-greasy texture.He must quickly absorbed and does not leave the face of unpleasant feeling of stickiness, with quite a good moisturizer.For oily skin and suitable matting agents corrective pencil.

2. Basis - is "the foundation" of the whole makeup.Therefore, it must be of high quality.It is better to buy one expensive foundation, than to have a few dubious means.Skin Care - not the case when to save.Without powder, too, can not do.This kind of magic wand of any girl.Without it, you can not save "floated" or tarnished makeup outside the house.

3. Freshen person will help you blush.Regrets colors: pink and reddish brown.Just do not forget that your goal - to give freshness and not buy "consumptive spots."Therefore solicit careful shading.

4. Eyes should also be given special attention.Neither set of cosmetics is not issued without shadows.If you do not plan to surprise and shock surrounding a bright variety of make-up, you can buy a few paletok beige color scheme.For the evening variant suit dark gray shades.A lover of the experiments is better, of course, buy the full set of cosmetics, which includes the entire color palette of shadows.It would be justified and a good buy.

5. To complete the eye makeup is enough to have a single volume or lengthening mascara.Color ink may be useful for the evening.

6. The final touch - the lips.Does not necessarily have a large number of lipsticks.They have a heavy structure for daily use.One bright lipstick color (for the occasion) and several glosses (from transparent to dense with sparkles) for everyday makeup.Often in the makeup kit includes several options for decorative means for the lips.

7. In order to execute a flawless make-up, you need a brush.Give preference to products with natural hairs.

Gift set cosmetics can be a pleasant surprise for any girl.This is an excellent version of a present for a holiday or festive occasion.But such gifts require advance information about the preferences and tastes of the person to whom intended.You do not want to open the box, modest girl was disappointed outrageous bright colors.

Gift sets of cosmetics nowadays is not difficult to buy.Even out of the house do not have to: interet almost all stores offer a variety of gift options cosmetics.The friendly operators will help purchase a buy, even if you know nothing about the area.