«Chanel» - spirits at all times

The world famous brand «Chanel» was founded by Gabrielle Chanel in nineteen eighth year.That's when it was discovered a workshop, which was engaged in the manufacture of hats.In parallel, Chanel worked at a restaurant singer, where she was given the nickname Coco.

perfume industry at that time produced a volatile odors.That is why Coco Chanel did not like floral arrangements, it has a nasty habit of some ladies to wash themselves abundantly spirits.

After the invention of synthetic musk, the use of which contributed to the fixing of volatile aldehydes and fragrances superprofessionalnyh perfumer Ernest Beaux in nineteen twenty-second year, created a new fragrance for this company - "Chanel №5».The appearance of the bunch was a sensation in the fashion world.Spirits "Chanel №5» had the flavor composition of which can not solve even the most experienced professionals.This perfume symbolized the rejection of natural imitations.Issued Chanel perfume company subsequently failed to reach the level of pop

ularity that had the flavor.

bottle, where the famous perfume sold to consumers, corresponds to the characteristic style of the famous brand.It has a rectangular shape and has decorative details.Closes bottle elongated transparent cover.On the bottle is labeled rectangular white label.Design ascetic character visually dissolved, focusing on precious fragrant liquids.Shape bottle, peculiar, rather, men's fragrance, is in contrast to the existing traditions.However, Coco liked to shock everyone, radically changing the foundations.After all, Chanel dressed the whole world in a white shirt, black little dress, simple hats and men's suits, as well as presented a delicious unique flavor.

The company's Chanel perfume to help his mistress to emphasize sophistication, femininity and individuality.They are a unique accessory that has reported the appearance ladies and recalls her after she was gone.At present a large collection of perfume house Chanel.Perfumes and toilet waters, issued by the company have unique flavors and every customer can find among this variety suitable for a bouquet.

«Coco Mademoiselle Chanel» - spirits that embody in their composition beauty and youth.The girl who uses this perfume will be sexy and irresistible in any situation.The composition includes aromas of mandarin, orange, orange blossom and bergamot, who start the composition.Heart notes are composed of shades of smells of jasmine and mimosa, ylang-Lang and roses.The loop contains perfume aromas of vanilla and vetiver, white musk and myrrh, tonka bean and patchouli.

«Allur Chanel» - fragrance versatile and highly original.Their composition is like a chameleon - a lady on each sounds differently.The bouquet includes honeysuckle and bergamot, lemon and tangerine, peach and May rose, magnolia and jasmine, and lily Airy, vetiver and vanilla.

In the modern world, a new line of perfume perfume "Chanel", may not acquire such popularity as «Chanel №5», but it certainly will please admirers of the brand sophistication and diversity.