Emulsion "Estel Color Off"

Leading stylists Europe prefer professional hair care brand "Estel Professional".The quality and unique approach to coloring, styling and hair care products make it popular.Cosmetics manufacturer "Estel Professional" is the company "Yunikosmetik" which presents its products for over 10 years.The firm has its own research and production base.Its range includes more than 700 items of hair.In order to work professionally with the "Estelle", the company has established educational centers in which master the necessary skills and knowledge.
Variety hair cosmetics allows the master to select the necessary means to create a perfect image.For people to want to change, and change in appearance - is the most effective way.What is there so special about the brand, "Estelle" that among the variety of cosmetic products for hair, it can attract attention?

If you constantly dyed their hair the same color, but have now decided to radically change it, it is not necessary to resort to bleaching, try to remove stubborn

emulsion paints "Estel Color Off".Dye means carefully removed, the natural pigment of the hair is not destroyed.The manufacturer guarantees safety of use.

Wash "Estel Color Off" does not lighten hair, does not contain ammonia.Particular attention is paid to the process: it is necessary to observe all instructions.In the emulsion 3 bottles, of which prepares a solution.Apply it is necessary immediately after cooking, otherwise the result will not be as expected.The formula composition on prolonged contact with air loses its properties.The work carried out must-gloved, in a room with good air circulation.After a twenty-minute exposure hair is washed with water, the result is evaluated.Means "Estel Color Off" is applied as long as the result is not desirable.To determine the degree of removal of cosmetic colors from the hair on the strand after washing neutralizer is applied from the bottle, supplied.The result of the completion of the process of removing the paint will be that color strands will not return to the original.If it does happen, it is necessary to resume work to get the result.The final stage is to apply to towel-dried hair converter "Estel Color Off", the exposure of which - 3 minutes.The hair is then washed with a shampoo designed for deep cleaning and recovering balm.To follow-color strands are ready in 40 minutes.Shade selection carries a master, according to your desires.The process of creating a new image requires a sufficient amount of time and patience, but in this way helps to change the color remover for hair "Estel Color Off".Comments to different product that is completely normal, the degree of rinsing after color depends on the natural pigment of hair, its structure and the composition of colorants that formed group of strands.

Someone lucky and emulsion "Estel Color Off", they decided to issue the first time, and for some, this process was delayed.But if you are persistent in their desires, then the result will achieve anyway!