We create the image of "Femme Fatale" with the "Givenchy Dahlia Noir"

Novelty 2011 - The perfume "Dahlia Noir" by Givenchy - surprised followers of this fashion house.Where did pretentiousness, where extravagant forms vial where bows and coquetry, which, after all, had gone Uma Thurman, always served with all the latest face of Givenchy fragrances?No, the general public before the court appeared strict, classical forms of the same bottle in simple packaging.And to promote the new fragrance has become a model of Italian Maria Carla Boscone embody the image of a dangerous and feminine keepers Black Dahlia ("dahlia" translates as "Dahlia").

But the contents of the vial "Dahlia Noir Givenchy" made the hearts of fans of the main trend to calm down.All the same complex, multi-stage composition, full of mystery, the same synthetic, unearthly odors, woven into the scents of patchouli and rose.Givenchy has remained true to himself - just created a new image.As stated by the art director of the fashion house Ricardo Tisci, a new perfume - abstract and geometric flower conveys t

he idea of ‚Äč‚Äčromanticism, of darkness and sex.Well, it was quite successful authors flavor.Even a simple little blonde, causing a drop of perfume on her neck, ten minutes later transforms into a femme fatale, brunette, attractive and destructive.

Perfume "Givenchy Dahlia Noir", produced in bottles of thirty, fifty and seventy five milliliters, creates a strong first impression.It seems unscrewing the black cap, you let the genie out of the bottle: an explosion of sweet-presladkogo mandarin, mimosa thin, pink pepper and powder.At the heart of the composition vibrates on a high note Iris, which gently envelop the sweet scents of patchouli and rose.It laid the basis for the composition East notes: sandalwood bark and vanilla.Flex also evokes associations with something exotic and oriental: tonka bean and sandalwood finish, and above it all - barely perceptible fluids mimosa.

Following the perfume "Givenchy Dahlia Noir" in sale eau de parfum and eau de toilette.Also the fashion house was issued a limited edition of 200 copies of the exclusive "Dahlia Noir Baccarat Edition" ($ 1,500 for a tiny bottle, made from a single crystal Baccarat).

Who would wear this powdery oriental scent "Givenchy Dahlia Noir", if not fatal brunettes, women with a strong character, sensual and passionate.New composition envelops the body with a thin plume of mystery, creating the illusion of innocence and simplicity, which so often "being" man.However, the spirits give to a woman an aristocratic elegance and unique charm.They make the owner of smell more feminine, elegant and refined.Rose and patchouli promise sweet embrace and chypre-oriental nuances - exciting intrigue and real adventures.

powerful tsunami, memorable, but in any case not intrusive - the smell of "Givenchy Dahlia Noir" is not like any woman, but will delight any man.Unpredictable and ambiguous, these spirits just kindle the fire of desire.Knights feel that they turn into moths to a flame, but unable to stop.This is - this aphrodisiac haute couture, the quintessence of sensuality in the guise of a flower of innocence.Perfume should be able to wear: they are suitable for evening dress with gold ornaments, a fur coat.In the summer you need to know when to stop.Young girls better to wait five or ten years.