Lancome Hypnose - perfection is in the details

All the girls are women of fashion, and this applies to absolutely everything.But there are things that do not follow fashion trends and are considered classics, such as the most famous image of the accessory and the final element - the perfume.

Created in 2005 Lancome Hypnose became a classic and is popular with many women.All these spirits recalls the subtleties of style and feminine nature as such.The girl, dressed in this scent, is considered to be stylish.In addition, she is always confident, because this perfume, like a flower, is gradually revealed and captivate you and others.It is considered to be oriental scent, he successfully combines notes of vanilla and a beautiful floral arrangement.This bouquet will be perfect for any image: evening or business, and for a romantic rendezvous, he is simply irreplaceable.Bewitching men, Lancome Hypnose gives a woman the opportunity to feel beautiful fragrant flower.

ideal design of the bottle, where you can see the reflection of the many facets of the

soul ... A deep blue color, turning into a light haze, as if emphasizes the changeability of mood and tells its owner how interesting fragrance Lancome Hypnose will play on the skin.Thin bending the vial in the center indicates the subtlety and delicacy of feeling of choice and sophistication of the bottle recalls the particular vulnerability and sensuality owner of flavor.

The only thing I would like to note that this fragrance by Lancome is suitable for girls and women who know what they want from life: the color of the bottle recalls that in spite of the romantic attitude that creates the flavor, it is still necessary to keep a cold mind.

course, becomes relevant the question of what to do about a young fashionable women who also want to look perfect?It is for them ideal for Lancome Hypnose Senses, which was released in 2009.

This fragrance is presented floral chypre composition.It captivates with its beauty.Notes that follow each other, evoke some mystery, because at first there is a light citrus scent is not sugary, but on the contrary very elegant.Then open floral notes, revealing the femininity and lightness of perfume.Its winner will be interesting and elegant, exuding a magical attraction as Lancome Hypnose Senses makes the most pleasant associations and feelings.

bottle, which was created for the fragrance only underlines the above qualities: its delicate color speaks of extraordinary tenderness and warmth of feeling.And the sun's rays passing through beautiful transparent curves, combined with the gentle - peach liquid core show wonderful nectar, forming a golden glow inside the vial.

This fragrance is ideal for the young beauties and great will be combined in the summer with a weightless chiffon sundresses and with short yubchonkami, adding a gentle way of enchanting beauty.The image of a romantic nature, dressed in alluring fragrance from Lancome, complement Lancome Hypnose mascara, making a surprisingly expressive eyes.Lengthening each eyelash, mascara does not create such a feeling of heaviness, and look maiden eyes like a magnet will attract others.