Lanvin Women's Fragrances

Lanvin couture house was founded in 1890 by Jeanne Lanvin in Paris.It is the oldest brand in France, unique in its originality and individuality.Today, it is the standard of luxury in the fashionable clothes and perfumes and accessories.Brand Lanvin - is, above all, elegance and chic.

Perfumery division Lanvin Parfums SA was opened in 1924.The aroma of this brand fascinate amazing refinement and unique charm, an unusual combination of classical and modern music.

Women's Fragrances Lanvin very sensual, captivating and refined.The overall composition of the fragrance is simply impossible to describe, because they are completely different - the classic and elegant, youth and bold, fresh and romantic, light and sensual, refined and slightly careless, elegant and seductive.

first Lanvin perfume, called Arpege, were created in 1927.Jeanne Lanvin created them for his daughter to play the piano.Translated from the French Arpege means "chord" in which sounds are not taken collectively and consistently.The

analogy can be traced in spirits, in which each note is opened after the previous one, creating a single light and harmonious bouquet.

Women's perfume Lanvin - heady, exciting, filling emotions resemble a light touch.Many people call Lanvin dramatic, mysterious and regal majestic perfume.

Lanvin Perfumes news appear until the present time.In 2012 came the fragrance Jeanne Lanvin Couture, a remake of the legendary Jeanne Lanvin, released in 2008. The smell just won millions of fans.Last flavor - a real ode to femininity and sophistication.He retained the freshness and sensuality of its ideological inspirer and gained even more elegant (wood, musk notes), characterized by a high perfumery.The aroma is addressed passionate women living outside of time.

In the line of women's perfume you can find one of the flavors, which certainly is right for you.If you love the light, tones, refreshes, energizes the smells, try perfumes Lanvin Oxygene (appeared in 2000).Harmony of freshness and joyous energy reminds feels breath of fresh air.

For those living feelings and emotions, for whom the fragrance - it is not an addition of the image, and its integral part, were created by Lanvin perfume Me.This perfume - more than just a fragrance, it is the whole story of the highlights of life, complete with bold dreams of happiness.

luxurious fragrance Lanvin Eclat d'Arpege Gourmandise is based on the sparkling fruity, floral, fun and refreshing mixture which is revealed in the skin, like a laugh.Sensual base, leaves a lasting impression - a woody notes, which are complemented by floral and citrus aroma.

floral subtle fragrance Eclat de Arpege Lanvin - spirits, based on exotic notes of peony, wisteria, green tea, passing into the fragrance of woody notes.This combination will be enjoyed by romantic nature, who want to be unique and inimitable.

Jeanne La Rose - ¬ęPink" fragrance from fashion brand.This is the most romantic and fashionable version that like a gentle, elegant and sensual women.The composition differs bred to the forefront of notes of rose, complemented by hints of juicy raspberry, white musk, red currant, vetiver and cedar.

to choose your flavor, it first needs to feel.And then - to fall in love forever!