Cream «Boro plus»: the composition and scope

means «Boro plus» is a universal cream with persistent antiseptic properties.It is effective and it is against pathogenic fungi.To date, this drug is very popular and is used for the treatment of skin injuries.

Cream « Boro plus »: the composition and properties of the components

popularity of this tool in part due to its natural composition - the cream contains only herbal ingredients:

  • Turmeric, whichwidely used in folk medicine for the treatment of skin diseases, in particular dermatitis.
  • Glaber has strong healing properties.
  • Aloe - excellent natural antiseptic that not only disinfects, but also moisturizes and cools the skin.
  • Sandal - is widely used in oriental medicine to treat a variety of illnesses and allergic reactions, including prickly heat.This component also has cooling properties, removes unpleasant smell, relieves burning and gives the skin a healthy appearance.
  • Tulasi - has an antiseptic effect.
  • Vetiver - relieves burning, produces a cooling effect, regulates the pro
    cess of sweating.
  • Talc - is used as an auxiliary component, but acts as a deodorant, a liquid absorbing and eliminating odor.

can be seen that the main active components means «Boro plus» is really natural and virtually harmless to health.That is why the cream is equally good for solving completely different problems.

drug « Boro plus »: when to use?

Today this tool is used to fight various diseases and injuries of the skin.By the way, it is allowed to use, even for treatment of the skin of newborns - the drug has practically no contraindications and rarely cause allergies and other side effects.So in any cases using the cream «Boro plus»?

  • First of all, the means used to reduce inflammation, prickly heat and irritation on the skin of babies, especially if they are caused by wearing diapers.
  • Cream quickly heals cracked nipples, from which so many suffer lactating mothers - remember that before feeding the remains of tools to remove.
  • Men often use «Boro plus» as aftershave - it cools the skin and prevents irritation.
  • This cream - simply irreplaceable assistant insect bites.It quickly cools the skin, relieves swelling, itching and burning;
  • It is used to treat wounds and scratches on the skin, as this tool accelerates tissue regeneration and relieves pain.
  • Cream «Boro plus» effective in the treatment of boils.
  • This tool should be used as first aid for burns.
  • It is used to treat eczema, dermatitis, ulcers and other skin diseases.

drug « Boro plus »: consumer reviews

In fact, almost all the customer reviews on this product are positive.Patients say that the cream really accelerates the healing of wounds, helps to moisturize the skin, relieve irritation and itching.Adverse reactions are recorded very rarely.In addition, the undoubted advantage of this tool is its low cost.